Get gift ideas and inspiration from these 10 hot wedding trends


1. Under Wraps

showercapTo make your blowout or beachy waves last through multiple events, protect your hair with a super-stylish shower cap. This gorgeous headpiece from Shhhowercap is made with soft, breathable antibacterial fabric, and features a grip on the inner band that keeps it snug. Chic and practical, it’s perfect for a bridal shower or bridesmaid gift. Available in different colours and patterns at Sephora.


2. Pillow Talk

pillow talkMade in Vancouver from Tuscan raw unbleached linen, these luxurious pillows from Pillow Fight Factory make a thoughtful gift. Embossed with “MR” or “MRS” or a textured heart, they’ll make a lovely addition to the newlywed home.


3. Simply Irresistible

bridesmaid cookieIf there are any doubts as to how your potential bridesmaids might answer, pop the question with a box of personalized pastries. “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on macarons, cupcakes or cookies will guarantee a sugar-fuelled, enthusiastic yes!


4. Local Designs

lavictoireThe NickersonsAfter working in New York and Paris and then ultimately creating her own wedding dress, Canadian designer Chassandre Lavictoire just debuted her first collection of wedding gowns under the label Lavictoire. Every romantic, exquisitely tailored dress is made to order and crafted in Victoria.


5. Personal Stamp

stampTo put the ultimate personal stamp on your wedding, try, well, stamping. For precision, look for Stampin’ Up’s high-tech, photopolymer stamps that are also clear, allowing for perfect image placement every time. And think beyond invitations and name cards. Try stamping tablecloths, gift bags or return addresses.


6. Babes Unite

brunetteLeave it to cult Vancouver fashion brand Brunette the Label to finally create a bachelorette “uniform” that everyone actually wants to wear. Their graphic tees are deceptively simple, balancing that cool-girl vibe with ultimate comfort. Your entourage will look positively editorial (read: Instagram gold).


7. Dancing Queen

kedsLate, great fashion leader Kate Spade collaborated with Keds earlier this year to create a new line of fashion-forward footwear. The ultimate union of daytime function and dance-all-night comfort, the offering provides a range of embellishments, including glittering sparkles and elegant pearls. Exclusively at The Bay.


8. Rompin’ Fun

romperWhen it’s time to take off the bodycon outfits and finally relax with your girls, slip into one of these adorable Smash+Tess rompers instead of a robe. Feel comfortable and beautiful while making memories with your besties. Even better, wedding packages are available.


9. Lash Out

lash vanUnlike high-maintenance lash extensions (no water, no mascara), a lash lift permanently curls your lashes with few restrictions. Rollin' Beauty will roll right up to your location and welcome your group into its boutique-on-wheels. Celebrate with friends while getting a Yumi™ lash lift, and emerge with fluttery lashes to last through every wedding event.


10. Crowning Glory

crownIt doesn’t have to be a royal wedding for you to look and feel like a princess. According to EBay Canada, searches for wedding crowns on have increased by 180 percent over the last year, thanks to Harry and Meghan. With over one-billion listings, there’s a good chance you’ll find your crowning glory on the online auction site.