Don't miss out on getting your business in front of brides

A business can’t pull ahead if it remains stagnant, and a lack of growth can spell disaster, especially in a field that speaks directly to consumers possessing a specific budget. Decisions are made swiftly. Don’t miss out.

Here are three expert tips to ensure your wedding business experiences optimal growth this season…

1. Have a wedding show presence

wedding cupcakesjoshuaraineyphotographyBridal business is big business! But it’s also a competitive field. Connecting with brides before they make decisions on vendors, locales and even dates can mean the difference between a successful partnership and a missed opportunity. Make an instant connection in person… and explain why your business is the best bet.


2. Remain on trend

tabletopAndrej RutarCoco Chanel remarked, “Mode passes. Style remains.” The latest trends can be gone in the blink of an eye. Ensuring your product is relevant in an industry that reflects the “now” is critical. Network with respected local designers, artisans and other makers who have a keen eye for what is in fashion, and ensure you reflect those insights with your own offering.


3. Get your business in front of the couple the moment they start looking

computer coupleIvanko_BrnjakovicBrides begin their planning online. As preparation time is limited, it’s critical to be at the front of the pack from Day One.  A business is usually picked within the engaged couple meeting only three vendors.  

Getting in front of the couple at the moment they start looking is the difference from having a fully booked wedding season with couples you want to work with to taking anything that comes along.

A pro membership with Real Weddings introduces business to wedding parties at critical planning stages.

This program delivers content at strategic times. For example, eight months out from a big day, we remind them to select a caterer… and provide recommendations. This ensures your business gets a leg up on the competition with targeted and relevant exposure.

With new couples added to our contact list regularly and a limited number of vendor partners permitted, a Real Weddings vendor listing ensures valuable, rewarding exposure to an audience passionately searching for advice at the exact right moment.

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