Florals at weddings may not be groundbreaking (thanks, Miranda Priestley!). But, with their time-honoured roots (it’s been said that brides and grooms in Ancient Greece and Rome wore garlands as a sign of new life, hope and fertility) and ability to add lush depth and drama to even the plainest of reception spaces, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. So why not make the best of the blooms that will adorn your wedding day with these blossoming floral trends for 2020?

Floral arrangement by Fern and Flower Events.
Credit: Wild Hearts Collective

Floral arrangement by Fern and Floral Events.

Pumped Up Hues

While delicate shades of pink remain a classic pick for wedding florals, these days, folks are all about richer, more vibrant colour combinations. “We’re seeing people want peach mixed with pops of forget-me-not blue, for example,” says Michelle Hodgson, owner and designer at Vancouver’s Fern and Floral Events. “Or they want a saturated pop of colour as a focal point.”

Look for seasonal petals, like sweet peas in the spring or dahlias in the summer, that will lend your arrangements a punch of colour, Hodgson recommends. Polina Babina, owner and designer at Vancouver-based Da Fiori Design, particularly likes working with shades of burgundy, coral and chocolate. 

She says the bold-hue look has been popular with brides and grooms because they look great when photographed. “It’s all about Instagram,” notes Babina.

da fiori design
Credit: Da Fiori Design

Floral arrangement by Da Fiori Design.


Brides and grooms are increasingly seeking hard-to-find flowers as they aim to stand out from the crowd (and their Instagram feeds). This means designers like Babina have come to start growing their own blooms. “There’s been this movement to kind of ‘farmer florists,’” says Babina.

Babina grows dahlias in bright, coveted hues, as well as herbs like mint, sage and lemon balm, which she incorporates into many of her arrangements. “It gives me the ability to have something unusual, something unique,” she says.

Fern and Flower Events
Credit: Wild Hearts Collective

Floral arrangement by Fern and Floral Events.

Hung Out to Dry

Hodgson says more and more of her clients are looking to introduce dried elements, such as pampas grass and preserved and bleached fern, to their wedding festivities. These plants lend an ethereal, whimsical vibe to spaces.

Such greenery is especially popular with eco-conscious couples because they’re designed to look beautiful for longer and thus may be reused in other settings or returned to the florist to be incorporated into other arrangements. “People want to be able to use something to its full potential,” notes Hodgson.

Hodgson recommends pairing dried elements with fresh blooms in a muted colour palette to complement the typically earthy hues of preserved plants. “The fresh and the dried flowers blend together really well this way,” she says.

Da Fiori Design
Credit: Da Fiori Design

Floral installation by Da Fiori Design.

More Is More

Florals no longer decorate just tables at weddings—they hang from the ceiling, make up photogenic backdrops and drape chairs and all sorts of fanciful vignettes. What’s more, they’re coming to replace other decor items, too.

“I think, before, we were seeing people have a card box, a lantern and maybe a little tchotchke on their wedding tables,” says Hodgson. “And now people are like, ‘No, I just want one floral arrangement and I want it to be a stunner.’”

Large, dramatic installations also continue to be a big hit, though couples are moving beyond the basic archway to request blooming arrangements that adorn doorways, frame windows or transform dark corners into bright, usable (and Instagrammable) spaces. “It’s a way to bring the whole room together,” says Babina.