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From days-long celebrations to heavy jewellery and intricate outfits, traditional South Asian weddings are a grand occasion indeed. But South Asian weddings aren’t all about richly coloured fabrics and crowded reception halls anymore. Many couples yearn for something more elegant, intimate and fashion-forward.

To get the scoop on what’s trending, we spoke with Pamela Nahal of Maude Affair, who plans and styles modern South Asian weddings of all sizes. Pamela’s work is inspired by South Asian fashion designers and trendsetters from around the globe.

From runway to wedding day, these four hot trends are sweeping the South Asian wedding scene:


Simple Extravagance


Photo by Deo Photography; hair and makeup by Farah Hasan; available at House of Raina; designed by Rohit Verma

Modern South Asian weddings are all about simple sophistication. “Rich colours and yellow-gold jewellery are still classic, but that’s not what every couple wants,” Pamela tells Real Weddings.  

“Most couples I work with want a beautiful wedding that balances trends, tradition and personal tastes. That often means softer colours, different outfits and pared-down jewellery.”

“Couples don’t necessarily want four or five parties anymore either. A lot of my clients prefer a more intimate ceremony and reception too.”


Couture Fashion   


Designed by Republic Womenswear

According to Pamela, white dresses are a fashion-forward choice for modern South Asian weddings.

“Many South Asian couture designers are creating gorgeous wedding gowns, and white dresses are really en vogue right now,” she tells Real Weddings. “I’m noticing a lot of lace, elegant necklines, intricate button work and dresses with low backs. For jewellery, less is more.”

A lot of brides choose to wear a traditional outfit for the ceremony and change into a white gown for the reception.


Contemporary Colours


Photo by Deo Photography; hair and makeup by Farah Hasan; available at House of Raina; designed by Pawan & Pranav (left) and Rohit Verma (right)

For South Asian weddings, jewel tone colours are a traditional choice for dress and décor. But according to Pamela, international trends are opening up a whole new palette of colours.

“Rich colours are still classic for Sikh, Hindu, or Muslim weddings, but now we’re seeing outfits and décor in pinks, flesh tones, ivories and even blues.”

Lavish Décor


Photo courtesy of Maude Affair

Décor is often an afterthought for South Asian weddings, but that’s all changing, says Pamela. “Décor is really big right now for contemporary South Asian weddings.”

“A lot of brides want the designer gown, the beautiful cake, the unique statement pieces and even fresh florals—which isn’t typical for traditional South Asian weddings.”

Contemporary South Asian weddings are simply chic. For a truly lavish affair, honour your unique style and the traditions that you hold dear.

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