Your wedding could be the perfect excuse to sport a dazzling headpiece

Many women grow up dreaming of what it would be like to be a princess. The beautiful ball gowns, gleaming jewellery (we all remember that Princess Diaries scene), and of course, the jaw-dropping tiara or crown. Unless you’re Meghan Markle, there probably aren’t too many opportunities to sport a sparkling headpiece, but your wedding could be the perfect excuse.

Some people love them, some people find them over the top… but we can all agree that nothing will make you feel more like a queen on your big day than a beautiful tiara...


1. Botanical Blooms Crystal-Embellish Tiara

Botanical Blooms Crystal-Embellish TiaraDavid's BridalThis gold tiara is incredibly elegant—perfect for a whimsical wedding—with delicate floral elements that remind us of princess Aurora singing Once Upon a Dream in the forest.
$140, David's Bridal


2. Geneva Crown

Geneva CrownDavie and ChiyoThis crown is subtle but stunning. Crystalline beads are used to create the tines of the crown, and it comes in both gold and silver so you can match it to your jewellery and theme.
$220, Davie and Chiyo


3. Regal Tiara

Regal TiaraDavid's BridalThis aptly named tiara is an absolute show-stopper. This is the perfect option for a bride who is looking for the crowning statement piece.
$210, David's Bridal


4. Emilia Headpiece

Emilia HeadpieceOlivia HeadpiecesIf your wedding is on the bohemian side but you still want to look your most regal, check out this stunning halo tiara. It’s handmade in Vancouver, and comes in both gold and silver.
$390, Olivia Headpieces


5. Sonnet Pearl Bridal Tiara

Sonnet Pearl Bridal TiaraTania MarasDiamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but some brides prefer pearls. This tiara is designed and handmade in Australia and features Swarovski crystals and pearls.
$725 AUD, Tania Maras


6. Bianca Crystal Tiara

Bianca Crystal TiaraEtsyTwo words: snow queen. Perfect for a winter wedding, this tiara is sure to shine even on the coldest winter day. To top it off, there are even matching earrings!
$197, Etsy


7. Eden Headpiece

Eden HeadpieceOlivia HeadpiecesThis tiara will have you looking saintly on your wedding day. This made-to-order piece has hand-painted ornaments, Swarovski crystals and alabaster seed beads.
$460, Olivia Headpieces