"Chinese celebrations, no matter it is New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings, it is always filled with bright colours and traditional details," says photographer Maricle Kang. For this styled shoot, she's put a modern spin on key Chinese wedding traditions  at UBC Botanical Garden for a vibe that's pure romance.

ubc botanical garden wedding 2Marcile Kang

While red is often the colour of these celebrations, as a symbol of luck, joy and happiness, "red can be overwhelming for modern brides," says Kang. The model here wears a gown inspired by Chinese fine art, a light-weight grey gipao with gold embroidered details.  "It is modern yet traditional, and tastefully expressed the bride’s personality and her unique identity through fashion."

tea ceremony ubcMarcile Kangtea ceremony modernMarcile Kangubc botanical gardenMarcile Kang

UBCMarcile Kang

"The purpose of a tea ceremony is to show signs of respect and gratitude to families, as well as welcoming new family members," says Kang.

tulle dress vancouverMarcile Kangbride dress vancouverMarcile Kangeverly fleur weddingMarcile Kangubc botanical garden weddingMarcile Kang

marcile kang photo weddingMarcile Kangmodern chinese weddingMarcile Kangmarcile kang photo shootMarcile Kangred lipstick bride vancouver weddingMarcile KangFor the ceremony, the bride wears a gown custom made by Ou Ma Couture, with makeup by Momo Makeup Artist. "The gown is inspired by Chinese Fine Art," says Kang. "It is has very special sleeves and complemented by embroidered floral patterns."

The floral designs by Everly Fleur are inspired by vibrant colours that often seen in Chinese celebrations—think red, pink, apricot, Mandarin yellow, and purple. Decor is by Bespoke Decor.

cakes jenny bakesMarcile KangWedding pastries are another important element of a Chinese wedding, of course—each more colourful than the last and imbued with meanings and blessings, made byJenny Bakes. 

wedding stationery ayla penaMarcile KangAn elegant stationery suite by Ayla Pena includes this custom packet which are often used in Chinese weddings for gifts.

floral table ubcMarcile Kangfloraly table ubcMarcile Kangfloraly table ubcMarcile Kangchinese wedding cakesMarcile Kangubc botanical garden weddingMarcile Kang

Models: Sihan Guo from Lizbell Agency and Mark O'Neill
Styling: Everly Fleur