Lesley-Anne Jones and Kevin Bott
September 9, 2019 at Rosewood Hotel Georgia and Hawksworth Restaurant
Photography by Kelly Schuster Photography

Wedding 17

Describe your wedding in a few words. 
Old Hollywood In The City

Number of guests: 25

Budget: $20,000

Walk us through the big day!

We got caught in the union dispute so we had to scramble for new venues a week before the big day. The day was perfect. Better than we had planned. Hawksworth Restaurant served us Michelin star food and we were the first wedding Mr. David Hawkworth and his team had catered for. I'm from Dublin so we incorporated that a lot in to the ceremony and reception. We tied an actual knot as in Celtic tradition. We had Jameson whisky as favours all the way from Dublin and my wonderful Canadian husband broke out into river dance. I got to walk the streets of downtown Van in my wedding dress. I got my yellow cab and we stopped all the traffic in the middle of the road in downtown to take my dream photo.

Wedding 14
Wedding 14

What inspired the look and feel of the day? 

We are really old souls. We love old Hollywood movies and we love the city. So we decided on Old Hollywood glamour in the city.

What was your favourite part of the wedding? 

Eating Michelin Star food for the first time

wedding 1

Tell me about the boquet.

Kevin and I fell in love through long distance. The time difference was eight hours so on his lunch break he would read to me over the phone as I fell asleep. I made the bouquets out of our fave books as a tribute to that very special part of our life. 

Wedding 3
Wedding 4

What did you splurge on?

The food. 

What did you save on?

I made the centrepieces myself. Polaroid camera represents that old Hollywood feel. We flew Irish chocolate and Irish whiskey straight from Dublin to incorporate my heritage. 

Wedding 7
Wedding 6

What would your advice be to other couples planning their big day?

Make sure you understand the contracts you are signing, get wedding insurance and ask for help or advise from other brides. 

Wedding 11
Wedding 10
Wedding 12
Wedding 13

What was important to you to include in the day?

My brother died 5 years ago at the age of 21 in a car crash and Kevin's grandfather passed last year so it was important we had them both by our sides and in our hearts.

Wedding 29
Wedding 16
Wedding 17

Tell me about the cake. 

We both trade us equities and fell in love over our shared knowledge of this wildly interesting job. The bull and the bear represent our jobs. I am mainly a short seller (bear) and Kevin is a buyer (bull).The vertical lines represent market movement. 
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Wedding 19
Wedding 21
Wedding 23
Wedding 24

Venue: Rosewood Hotel Georgia
Food and Reception: Hawksworth Restaurant 
Photographer: Kelly Schuster Photography
Dress: Bisou Bridal
Accessories: Davie and Chiyo
Suit: Hugo Boss

Hair: Salt Hair Co. 
Instagram Salthairco