While many brides opt for affordable costume jewellery on their wedding day, fine jewellery is an investment worth considering. A diamond necklace, bracelet or ring can become a family heirloom,  passed down for generations. Here, we feature a number of stunning pieces from Tiffany’s Paper Flowers collection, as well as an understated engagement ring from Tiffany’s True collection, that will stand the test of time. (Click here to see more from this shoot)


tiffany_11. Tiffany Paper Flowers Diamond Cluster Ring

Inspired by the idea of  abstract flower petals,  cut out and delicately pinned together, Tiffany’s Paper Flowers collection balances femininity and modernity.


tiffany_22. Tiffany Paper Flowers Diamond Flower Bracelet

“Luxury shouldn’t mean formality,” says Tiffany’s chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff.  “So we used precious stones and the finest materials, but in a way that you can live with every day.”


tiffany_33. Tiffany Paper Flowers Diamond Cluster Drop Earrings

According to the iconic jewellery brand, Tiffany’s Paper Flowers collection features an organic floral motif reimagined through a modern and graphic lens.

tiffany_44. Tiffany Paper Flowers Diamond Cluster Drop Necklace

“Paper Flowers is about stripping away all the rules of fine jewellery,” says Krakoff.

tiffany_55. Tiffany True

This minimalist engagement ring from Tiffany’s True collection is designed to allow the diamond (and you!)  to shine brightest.