Q: I’ve been to so many bridal showers that feel stiff and boring. How do I make sure mine is full of fun and bonding for my family and friends?

A: “The most amazing bridal showers are the ones that are best coordinated,” says Elena Ismail, owner and lead planner at FluffyBlooms Events. “I always tell my clients that you don’t have to have a huge budget; it’s simply about putting in creative thought.” The two elements Ismail thinks are critical? Decor and activities. “Decor sets the mood; it’s the first thing guests notice when they arrive,” she says. It can also be a thoughtful way to personalize the event. “Let’s say the groom proposed in Mexico or the bride always wanted to visit Paris; it can be simple and relatively inexpensive to recreate those atmospheres.” Ismail adds that decor can be tied to themed games and activities. “Fun activities allow people to fall into conversation without feeling awkward, and they can create memorable friendships.” If games aren’t your thing, try an activity like cooking the bride’s favourite meal together. “Guests will feel useful and engaged,” Ismail says, which is exactly what you’re aiming for. Because while a bridal shower is about the bride, she notes, it should be inclusive. “Guests might not care about the food, decor or games, but they will remember how they felt at the event.”

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