Q: I don’t need a wedding registry (we’ve got all we need!) but my family is pressuring me. How do I navigate this?

A: If this sentiment feels familiar, you’re in good company, says Jeanine Wilk, principal planner with Niche Events, a boutique wedding planning and styling company. “I find the majority of couples are hesitant to sign up for wedding registries these days,” she says. “Most couples have lived together prior to the wedding, so the need for ‘stuff’ is not as important as it used to be.” Wilk has a few recommendations for those who want to accommodate their guests’ desire to give a gift. “I’ve had quite a few couples provide links to charities close to their hearts on their wedding website so people can donate on their behalf,” she says. But for those feeling obligated to have a registry for guests who prefer to give a physical gift, she suggests signing up for daily-use items you know you’ll need. “My top recommendations would be kitchen towels and cooking utensils, a white bathroom towel set for two, good-quality knives and a heavy wood cutting board.”

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