Autumnal Edwardian beauty provides rich, haunting grace at this Hycroft Manor shoot


"The vision for our Hycroft Manor editorial was inspired by the illustrious and bittersweet history of the institution. The lavish Edwardian expanse reached its height of popularity during the 1930's, but the celebratory air declined during the beginning of the Second World War when the building was left to decline. It's been painstakingly restored by dedicated volunteers over a period of decades. I wanted to honour the beauty and tragedy of the period by incorporating materials in various stages of decay amongst the vibrant roses and dahlias that composed the installation." 

"Our combined naturalistic style in the glamorous manor made our visions come to life, with our young model in vintage slips, eating bits of cheese, longing for glasses of champagne and imagining her own wedding day amidst the florals and cakes," explains Kerri Pfeifer of Rogue Florist.




Photographer: Gillian Stevens
Venue: Hycroft Manor
Florals: Rogue Florist 
Cakes: Livia Sweets
Makeup: Katrina from the Artistry Collective
Clothing: Burcu’s Angels
Model: Next Models
Styling Assistants: Skylar Gee & Eva McMillan