Catherine and Samuel swipe right on romantic adventure on the North Shore and beyond


"I was living in Toronto for about a year before I downloaded Tinder. It was after a phone call with a friend who had recently got engaged, so I was clearly motivated," explains the bride Catherine. "Sam and I swiped right and happily chatted on the app in June 2015. However, it was a couple of days before I realized that he actually didn’t live in Toronto. Nor Ontario. Nor Canada. Not even North America."

"I must’ve missed this somehow at the beginning, but he was visiting Toronto for a friend’s wedding. He was born in the U.K., but was living in New Zealand at the time. However, he was nice enough and I figured I should meet up because it had been some time since I had a first date and I wanted to get back out there. It was lovely. We had tacos and margaritas, then moved on to a rooftop bar for some drinks."


"The night ended with me being sick in the bathroom, then returning to the table and pretending to be alright. I had gotten food poisoning but I didn’t want him to know. He dropped me off at my place in a shared Uber and then continued to his hotel. It was a great date, but by that time I was trying to focus on how I was going to pack for a work trip to San Francisco early the next morning while I was extremely sick."

"We continued chatting and Skyping online. My Friday night was his Saturday afternoon. Working around an 18-hour time difference was hard but we figured it out. Three months after our first date, he came back to visit me in Toronto in September of 2015. Three months more and I made the trek to New Zealand and fell in love with the country. I said that I hoped that we would one day live there together."

"In the spring of 2016, Sam moved to Toronto to live with me, and in January 2017, Sam surprised me with a helicopter trip to a volcanic field outside of Reykjavik, Iceland. He proposed in an old crater and we popped champagne while trying to not freeze our hands off. Just over a year later, we bought our first home together, and married in June 2018 in my hometown of Vancouver. Last fall, we moved to New Zealand."

"Our relationship has been all about adventure, and there’s absolutely no one I’d rather be living this life with than Sam."



"As an event professional, it was very difficult to not be in charge of every single detail. I was living a four- to five-hour flight away from Vancouver, and I was quite busy with work as I travel quite a lot with my company. I eventually had to let go of this desire to manage every single detail and leaned on my wedding planner, Stephanie, to manage everything that I couldn’t possibly oversee. She was lovely to work with and was very kind and considerate, knowing that I wanted to be more involved but I couldn’t. I trusted Stephanie and her team throughout this whole process, and they definitely excelled in their execution."



"During our engagement, I would save images from weddings that would speak to me, and over time I landed on somewhat of a theme. I’m not great at describing things, but I knew the aesthetic and how it made me feel. When describing the style with Stephanie, I used the word 'moody' in combination with 'but fun' a lot."

"I also took inspiration from the work of my really good friend, wedding MC and colleague, Matt, who is an experiential designer. He has helped shape my design style over the last four and a half years."



"As mostif not allcouples say: It went by way too fast. But I do remember our family and friends. Not only from Canada, but also from the U.S., the U.K., Belgium, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. We had an amazing wedding party."

"I remember the decor. Wow! The flowers were exactly what I dreamed of. The table settings were perfect. Did you see the cake?!? And our vendors. We had a killer team. From Sweetheart Events to Celsia Floral, from The Godard's Photography to Hello Tomorrow (Videography), from Railtown Catering (Best BBQ ever!) to Save the Date Beauty, and everyone else that was a part of the day. We couldn’t thank them enough. And last, but certainly not least, I remember doing everything with my husband by my side."



"If you’re anything like me—an event professional, overly detail-oriented, stubbornyou will never be able to control everything, and the wedding likely won’t be exactly how you pictured it. But that’s okay, because there were many special moments that are for you and your partner only. You have committed yourselves to each other, and no amount of missteps, accidents or missed details will ever change the real meaning of your wedding day."

"You may be kicking yourself over and overeven months laterabout something you wish you had done differently, but eventually all of that kicking will fade away and you’ll think of the things that truly mattered. The moments that made you so amazingly happy. Cherish it... and start planning for your golden wedding anniversary because it’s going to be one hell of a party."



PHOTOGRAPHY: The Godard's Photography | VIDEOGRAPHER: Hello Tomorrow |  CREATIVE DIRECTION & PLANNING: Sweetheart Events | VENUE: The Pipe Shop | FLORALS: Celsia Floral | CATERING: Railtown Catering | STATIONERY: Meg White Design | CAKE: The Cake and The Giraffe | RENTALS: Woodpecker Tables, A&B Party Rentals, BOLD Event Creative | BRIDE'S DRESS: Ferré Sposa | GROOM'S SUIT: Indochino | HAIR & MAKEUP: Save The Date Beauty | PHOTOBOOTH: Swanybooth