Allison and Brett
October 13, 2018, Stanley Park Pavilion, Vancouver
Photography by Sara Rogers Photography

The love story of Alison and Brett is a tale as old as apps. “Uhhh, we met on Tinder,” says Alison, bashfully. “Our first date was a bike ride around the Seawall. There’s not that much interesting about our meeting.”

Maybe not, but from a mundane Tinder connection sprang one memorable proposal. As the dates rolled on, Brett and Alison bonded over many things—two of which were spas and candy.

Naturally, then, it was on a trip to Harrison Hot Springs that Brett hatched a plan involving a diamond ring hidden inside a Kinder Egg. But getting it on Alison’s finger proved challenging.

First, he got so flustered he locked his keys in the trunk. “This is so typical, you’re always ruining our trips with this nonsense,” an oblivious Alison said at the time.

Once they reached the Harrison Hot Springs Resort, Brett suggested they retire to the room for tea and treats. Cracking open her extra-special egg, Alison found…

“I thought it was a toy ring because the Kinder Surprises had been in a cooler bag, so the diamond was completely frosted over; it looked fake!”

“He was freaking out, like, ‘We’ve talked about this, you knew the proposal was coming at some point, why are you not saying yes?!’ And I’m like, ‘This is so mean. Why are you pranking me?’ ”

Eventually, she got the message. And the confusion ended there: “I’m an extreme planner and type-A organized; I had a very specific vision,” Alison explains. Working with Margaux Richards of Filosophi events, she began planning a fall ceremony in Stanley Park. “I called our theme West Coast Greenery... I just wanted lush greenery and foliage.”

An equal priority: making it fun, quirky and unmistakably Brett and Alison: piñatas instead of wedding cake; the groom dancing down the aisle to Dr. Dre’s “Still Dre”; and of course, Kinder Surprises as party favours.

“We really wanted to have those personal touches,” says Alison, “so that it wasn’t just any old wedding.”

stanley park weddingSara Rogers Photographyflowers vancouver weddingSara Rogers Photographystanley park wedding vancouverSara Rogers PhotographyDespite some doubting bridesmaids, the first dress Alison tried on ultimately proved the one for her. Gold with sunburst lace and a deep V, the Truvelle gown embodied her desired “West Coasty” vibe, complemented with a leather jacket and Manolo Blahnik accessories. Ever-flashy Brett donned a white Indochino tux lined with a monogram custom-designed by Alison.

stanley park pavilion weddingSara Rogers PhotographyAnother first choice acted upon: holding the ceremony in Stanley Park. It was a decision between the Rowing Club and the Pavilion, and upon touring the latter, they immediately knew it was “perfect.” For some guests, “it was their first time coming to Canada,” Alison explains, “and we wanted to have a vibe that really showcased Vancouver.”

west coast inspired wedding vancouverSara Rogers Photographyvancouver wedding stanley parkSara Rogers Photographywest coast wedding decorSara Rogers Photography

To bring the Pavilion to verdant life, Alison and Margaux (her planner) turned to Fiorire Custom Florals. “I really, really wanted a giant wedding wreath covered in lush greenery,” she says, “and that was basically the focal point for all of the decor... I didn’t want any flowers at all.”

wedding greenery ideasSara Rogers Photography

Jayna Marie Makeup + Hair had Alison positively glowing. The ceremony was officiated by Karen Ell. For their first dance, the couple started with a traditional slow dance before transitioning into a surprise choreographed number. “Neither of us are good dancers... but we like to dance,” says Alison. Both bride and groom gave speeches. They imposed a
six-minute limit. Alison stuck to it, but Brett waxed romantic for a full 34. “It was a super-lovely, touching speech,” Alison laughs, “but I was also like, ‘You’ve been talking forever.’”

wedding at stanley park pavilionSara Rogers PhotographyIn a nod to their proposal, bride and groom chose Kinder Surprises as their wedding favours, along with special guest name plates made of wood rounds that they sourced, carved and engraved themselves.

vancouver wedding venue stanley parkSara Rogers Photography

Instead of a cake, Brett and Alison opted for pinatas—his a Ninja Turtle, hers Hello Kitty. In addition to candy, they were filled with glow sticks, setting the stage for the post-reception dance party presided over by DJ Johnny Awesome from Man About Town Entertainment.