Take this expert advice to make sure those final touches are a true reflection of your personal style


Don’t wander too far from your personal style, says Elise McClain, owner of The Borrowed Collection. Generally, brides should aim for “a slightly glitzed up” version of themselves. Let your hair and gown guide your look, whether you’ve decided on a sleek up-do or if your neckline plunges in a deep V. Headpieces are in, especially those embellished with natural gemstones like moonstone or opal. For brides wearing a veil, McClain says it’s common to change to a headpiece to signal the switch from ceremony to party time. For jewellery, don’t be afraid to mix metals, but be mindful that most photos are taken from the waist up. “Brides are truly doing more of what they like and what they want, versus sticking to a rule book,” says McClain. The best advice? You do you.

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