Prestlee and Scott
July 13, 2019
Cowichan Lake River Lodge
Photographed by Erin Wallis Photography

triangle archPhotographed by Erin Wallis Photography

Number of guests 180

Budget $45,000

Describe your wedding in a few words.

Elegant, romantic, outdoors, classic, natural

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Walk us through the big day.

The day was effortlessly perfect. It started off with mimosas, breakfast, and a dance party. The girls were staying on site so we were puttering all morning putting the perfect touch on everything. They boys were lucky enough to spend the day boating on the lake with a bunch of friends/guests of our wedding. A friend of ours let off an air bomb fire work and we shared our first kiss, and our guest showered us with confetti as we walked back down the isle as husband and wife! We had a custom caesar bar, which became a total hit! Everyone was raving about it after the wedding. The dance floor was exposed under the stars with twinkling lights strung above. Our dinner space was a narrow 130 ft strip located right beside the Cowichan River. With the sun shining through the trees and the sound of the running river beside us; dinner service was a true dream. All of our closest friends and family contained in a small area enjoying free wine with the delicious dinner. We were also surprised with a firework show as we walked up to do our first dance. It was a real surprise to everyone because no one was prepared to get pictures!

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What inspired the look and feel of your day?

We wanted an effortless laid back vibe for our big day. Not a ton of stress around timelines and we wanted to go with the flow of the party. I (the bride) always envisioned an all white wedding. From the florals to the bridesmaids dresses. I feel as though it is timeless with a real simple elegance. We wanted an outdoor wedding for many reasons. The natural beauty of landscapes and greenery along with the beautiful west coast sunsets. We wanted to be surrounded by the outdoors, twinkling lights, and candles.

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What was your favourite thing about the wedding?

So hard! I loved my dress and my husband's suit. He was in a dark green slim fit suit, so classic yet original. My dress was whimsical, airy, and not that perfect white. Completely suited the venue too. So totally me; someone who loves the break it down on the dance floor and throw a kid or two on my shoulders.

silver wedding shoesPhotographed by Erin Wallis Photographyglass sign weddingPhotographed by Erin Wallis Photographyseating chartPhotographed by Erin Wallis Photographyseating area weddingPhotographed by Erin Wallis Photographystumps weddingPhotographed by Erin Wallis PhotographyWhat was important to you to include in the day?

Cheap drinks, amazing food, and great music! We wanted our guests to have the best experience possible. Oh yeah, and the caesar bar.

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What did you splurge on?

Food. So important to us. Our cocktail our was filled with fresh sushi, charcuterie, deep fried oysters from the bride's grandpa, poke from the groom's stepdad, and so many other amazing things from our caterers. We are foodies, so we knew we needed a dinner that would not disappoint. It was so delicious through every course.

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What did you save on?

Planning, decor, tables, wedding arch, and the bars. Our families were all hands on deck during the entire process. Our dads combined made 18 10-foot tables for our dinner service. With everyone's help to stain and assemble, they were a true centre piece to the wedding. They also made the two bars and our custom arch. With the decor and planning, most of it was done by the my mom and myself (the bride). We had a vision and we would pick up anything that suited that whenever we stumbled upon it. Vases, candles, signs, candle holder, furniture, you name it! We saved on a lot of rental costs and the labour of someone doing it for us.

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What was the biggest challenge?

Coordinating the vendors and rentals. Having a vision and trying to coordinate dates that would work for all of the things we were hoping for. All worked out and we didn't need to miss out on anything we hoped for.

What would your advice to other couples be?

Enjoy the process! It can be stressful, but the stress is not worth the time. 

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Anything else we should know?

Our family and friends were outstanding through the entire process. Countless hours were spent landscaping the venue so it looked perfect for the day. Friends provided desserts, eucalyptus for the table decor, and a helping hand where ever was needed. We rarely asked for help because our family and friends offered before we could. Our support system was overwhelming and our day would not have been made possible without it.

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Event Coordination: Party Mood 
Dress: Willowby by Watters at The White Peony 
Suit: Tip Top Tailors