Winter weddings are a little underrated, in our humble opinion. You get the pick of cheaper venue rates and availability, your guests won’t be suffering from wedding fatigue because this is the fourth farmhouse-rustic reception they’ve attended in the past month, and, oh, you get the bonus of beautiful snowy wedding photos if you’re into that kind of thing. (Which you should be. Have you seen Phoebe Buffay’s romantic, caught-in-a-snowstorm nuptials?)

Saying “I do” during the winter also gives you way more options when it comes to bridal hair. “In the summer, most brides want to leave their hair down,” says Rita Tang, founder and principal stylist at Richmond-based The Love Team Makeup and Hair. “But they choose to have it up because it can get very, very sweaty and messy during the day.”

Read on for Tang’s suggestions for wedding-ready bridal hair that will endure both the elements and festivities of the big day.

The Love Team Hair

Hair by The Love Team Makeup and Hair.

Clean, Elegant Updo

Up-dos are a popular choice for brides year-round—especially for those with fine hair—because they create the illusion of thicker strands and keep unruly pieces off the face and neck during the day’s events. But while looser up-dos with soft, romantic tendrils are preferred during the summer, Tang suggests opting for a cleaner, simpler up-do once cold weather strikes.

Tang says these styles stay neater and in place for longer amid rain and snow—especially important if you’re planning to take photographs outside. You also don't have to worry about ruining the look if you need to throw a coat on. “The smoother and more simple the style, the better,” Tang says.

The Love Team Hair and Makeup

Hair by The Love Team Makeup and Hair.

Loose, Glamorous Curls

If you have long hair, Tang says leaving it down and styling it in curls looks great for winter, too. She suggests opting for a looser curl rather than a tight one for a more elegant look. “It looks more glamorous—like a Hollywood curl,” she says.

This style works best with dry, even slightly damaged hair as this hair type tends to hold a curl better and for longer. In fact, Tang advises all her brides to avoid hair treatments leading up to the wedding—and to ditch conditioner the night before—no matter what hairstyle you’re opting for.

“Really massage the scalp to get rid of any oil residue,” she says, “and make sure that your hair is very dry and very clean.”

The Love Team Hair and Makeup

Hair by The Love Team Makeup and Hair.

Half Up, Half Down

Not sold on either a clean up-do or soft, cascading waves? Meet in the middle with a half-up, half-down 'do —a style Tang says is popular among brides with thicker hair as it offers a way to manage the weight of strands and secure some of it in place.

Twists, braids and extensions may also be incorporated here, creating texture and interest that looks great both in real life and when photographed. A half-up, half-down ’do that sweeps the hair to one side is another option. “Letting people see your back or one side of your neck is really pretty,” says Tang.