They say the details make an outfit — and it’s no different when it comes to your wedding look. In addition to your gown, there are earrings, pendants, cuffs and even hair pieces to consider. The biggest accessory trends right now have a common thread: it’s all about opting for items you can wear again and again — in other words, long after the reception.

“Weddings are a huge investment,” says Alicia Prescott, director of brand and marketing at Vancouver-based Melanie Auld Jewelry, which regularly hosts brides and bridal parties at its Fairview boutique. “And I think the ability to re-wear pieces and seeing the value in them for longer than one day is something that's really appealing.”

Below, Prescott and two other bridal-accessory pros share the biggest wear-everywhere trends they’re seeing in the market.

maj hoops and op porter
Credit: Melanie Auld Jewelry / Olive and Piper

From left, Melanie Auld Jewelry Modern Hoops (USD$150) and Olive and Piper Porter Cluster Studs (USD$42).

Subtle statements

If you’re looking to make a statement with your Big-Day bling without taking away from your dress, try keeping the drama to your ears.

Prescott says Melanie Auld’s Modern Hoops — a thicker, bolder iteration of the classic style — have been a hit with brides, thanks to the earrings’ boho vibe, while fine jewellery options like the Pave Diamond Huggies offer some subdued shine.

“We've seen that really be a trend, where it's less about the crystal sparkle — that kind of traditional vibe — and more about simplicity and sculptural elements,” Prescott says.

Oliver and Piper’s Porter Cluster Studs give brides a similar way to amp up the glam in their look. Tania Yan, founder of the Vancouver-based jewellery biz, says their lightweight nature make them a good option for brides who may not be used to heavy statement earrings.

The studs’ versatility is a big selling point, too. “You can wear them to work or brunch or date night,” says Yan. “They help dress up even a T-shirt and jeans.”

Credit: Davie and Chiyo / Olive and Piper

From left, Davie and Chiyo Eden Hairpin ($38) and Olive and Piper Quinn Hair Pin (USD$28).

Pins and needles

Just as hair clips have seen a resurgence in fashion as of late, so too have they become the hair accessory of choice for those walking down the aisle. Rather than chunky barrettes, however, brides are opting for more delicate pins. 

“They’re really versatile for just about any hairstyle and you can layer them as well,” says Santana Rutherford, customer service representative and graphic designer at Vancouver’s Davie and Chiyo

Rutherford says brides have been gravitating toward Davie and Chiyo’s collection of dainty pins, which includes those adorned with gold leaves and opalescent pearls that mimic the look of tiny blooms.

Hair pins that feature sparkling crystals and romantic florals have also been popular at Olive and Piper. Yan says she sees brides wearing a variety of pins scattered throughout “effortless, imperfect” hairstyles for the Big Day — though they could easily be worn for every day, too.

“It’s not as traditional anymore, where you might wear something like a tiara or a huge comb down the aisle,” says Yan. “With pins, you can kind of mold them to the look you want.”

maj black onyx
Credit: Melanie Auld Jewelry

Melanie Auld Jewelry Monet Necklace in Gold Vermeil/Black Onyx (USD$120).

Coloured stones

Interested in adding a little colour to their wedding ’fit without going over the top? Look for opal and moonstones, which typically have a white, translucent base with a shimmer of pastel shades.

“I love the fact that moonstones have a kind of warmth and a little bit of colour to them,” Prescott says. “So they play really nicely off of white or nude.”

Prescott recommends Melanie Auld’s Halo Stone Studs or Baby Opal Huggies, which are both studded with the stones. The company’s Monet collection, which feature an option of teardrop-cut black onyx, offers an unconventional way to add some depth to your look, too.

“It’s a very non-traditional take, but I think it could definitely work for bridal — especially if you're doing something that's black tie or a little bit more evening.” says Prescott. “It’s a modern take on bridal jewellery, for sure.”


From left, Olive and Piper Cascade Pearl Drops (USD$48) and Davie and Chiyo Moondrop Necklace ($44) and Moondrop Threader Earrings ($58).

Mother of pearl

Pearls are a perennially popular pick for brides, thanks to their elegant and timeless look.  

At Davie and Chiyo, Swarovski pearl buds dangle daintily from drop earrings and delicate chains, while at Melanie Auld, more oversized, organic pearls decorate hoops, studs and necklaces.

“I’ve had brides come back in and say, ‘Yeah, I wear them to work now; I wear them to other events,’ ” Rutherford says of Davie and Chiyo’s pearl bling. “They’re just such easy pieces to style.”

At Olive and Piper, meanwhile, clusters of freshwater pearls cascade down drop earrings and dot hoops — big and small — in dramatic fashion, offering brides more of a statement look. “I think they achieve that classic and elegant look without looking too glamorous,” notes Yan.