Enjoy some luxury, some breathing room—and congratulations!

At Real Weddings, we are dedicated to every detail of your big day: gorgeous decor, must-have beauty finds and keepsakes to treasure... not just at your wedding, but beyond.

That’s why we are so thrilled to share the first edition of The Missus Box, a collection of our favourite items, each providing a moment to sit, smile and celebrate. After all of the budgets and seating charts and decisions, we know you deserve some pampering—so we hope these special products inspire joy and touch your heart.

We would love to see all of your beautiful photos as you unveil these goodies and put them to use. Be sure to tag us @RealWeddings and hashtag #TheMissusBox.

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1. Blush Peony Rose Gold Diamond Pen, $15

gem penThank-you notes. Checklists. Guest books. There are so many reasons you’ll need to pull out a pen when planning for your big day. So why not use a fabulous one? Nothing says wedding like diamonds, and this gorgeous rose gold gem pen will have you scribing in style. We love how smoothly it writes and you won’t have to worry about losing the lid with its easy twist opening. Now go cross some things off that to-do list!

2. EVELYN IONA COSMETICS Green Tea Primer, $35

green tea primerAlways start with the basics. This primer preps and protects your skin with a hydrating, antioxidant-rich, skin-friendly formula made with organic green tea. Creating a smooth canvas for makeup application, it reduces the look of lines and pores so your makeup will last. Further, Evelyn Iona came to life as a company while its founder was living in a women’s shelter, so conscious choices and precious moments are goals we can all celebrate.


3. OLIVE + PIPER Chloe Crystal Stud Earrings, $41

chloe stud earrings olive and piperA beautiful combination of classic and luxe, these 14K gold-plated stud earrings from Vancouver’s Olive + Piper are accented with mini crystals for a vintage, romantic look. Perfect for everyday wear, or for that special sparkle on your wedding day, they are sophisticated and understated but won’t go unnoticed.

4. REAL WEDDINGS MAGAZINE Winter/Spring 2018 Issue, $6

REAL WEDDINGS MAGAZINE Winter/Spring 2018 Issue, $6Looking for wedding advice, inspiration and the hottest trends? Real Weddings is your go-to source. In both print and online, the magazine celebrates actual couples and showcases talented local vendors around B.C. From bespoke gowns to custom stationery, this latest issue focuses on how to personalize your event to make it uniquely yours.

5. BLOOM Daisy Lashes and Brush-on Lash Adhesive, $27

bloom lashesIf the eyes are truly the windows to your soul, then great lashes ensure they’re perfectly framed. Part of the Bloom Invisible Collection, Daisy lashes feel incredibly delicate and feature an effective, transparent band. Bloom’s Brush On Lash Adhesive dries clear and is latex-free, providing a long-lasting hold that is perfect for the most sensitive eyes, and the fine bristle tip wand allows for incredible control during application.

6. REDAVID® Orchid Oil® Hair Treatment, $14

redavidYou want your hair to look its best leading up to the big day! Give it extra-special treatment with this ultra-nourishing hair serum from Vancouver’s Redavid salon products. Even those with finer hair will find this lightweight formula does not weigh hair down as it smoothes and shines your tresses. All of Redavid’s products are naturally sourced, B.C.-developed and manufactured and use only the highest-quality ingredients.


7. VITALITY Relax+ Herbal Aid, $15

vitalityTake a chill pill—literally. From Vancouver-based Vitality supplements, Relax+ is an effective herbal aid that provides fast relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia and interrupted sleep. It provides support when you need it and can be taken during the day or at night to gently calm your wedding-stressed mind, nerves and body. To put you even more at ease, Vitality’s products are made in Canada and free of animal products, gluten, soy, artificial colours and preservatives.

8. LCN Canada Nail Polish, $7

LACC nail polishLCN promises that each of their nail polishes are brilliant, beautiful and exclusive… and we couldn’t agree more. High-quality and fast-drying with a smooth, streak-free finish, LCN polishes are never animal tested. They’re beautiful—and ethical. You know your fingers are going to be in a ton of snaps come wedding time, and this polish will ensure you’re not only on trend, but also on point.

9. CANDY FIX Champagne Bubbles Customizable Candy Cube, $7

candy fixLooking for pretty favours to treat your guests? Vancouver-based Candy Fix is your answer. Choose from a wide selection of candies and design your own custom label for your special event. We’ve chosen to toast you with these champagne bubbles. There’s no alcohol in this candy—just the amazing flavour of white grapes. And yes, these ones are all yours. Cheers!