Allison and Linden
September 20, 2018, Alexander Falls and Nita Lake Lodge, Whistler
Photographed by Aileen Choi Photo

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How We Met Linden and Allison met six and a half years ago, through mutual friends... "Before any dating apps ruled the earth," says Allison. "We’ve conquered life’s tasks together: buying a house, getting a dog, even starting our own small business. When it was time to make the decision to get married, we knew we were ready."

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Why Whistler? "We love outdoors. Especially gigantic 50 feet cliffs with waterfalls and sky high evergreens," Allison explains." So where else but Whistler to get married? "We appreciate simplicity and decided to have an intimate wedding, with only parents and siblings."

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cabin whistler weddingAileen Choi Photodock wedding photos whistlerAileen Choi PhotoThe Morning Of The couple spent the morning getting ready at Nita Lake Lodge, sipping mimosas and enjoying quality time with family. "I remember trying to take it all in letting each minute pass by slowly," says Allison. "It didn’t work though, as soon as it was my turn to get ready I felt like seconds later it was time for the first look."

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first look nita lake lodgeAileen Choi Photocabin nita lake lodgeAileen Choi PhotoThe First Look "I remember the excitement of a little girl on her birthday times 100," says Allison. Outside the hotel room, there was a long wooden bridge. "Linden who stood away from me. He turned towards me and started crying instantly. I wish I could cry with him (I had been all the week before) but my emotions were at an ultimate high," says Allison. "It felt so good to be with him after spending the night before alone."

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A Waterfall Ceremony The intimate wedding party headed to Alexander Falls for our ceremony, where the family stood in a circle around the couple while they exchanged vows and pastor Jeremy Postal officiated. "Afterwards we walked up past the cliff and enjoyed champagne and the sounds of the waterfall in the background," says Allison. "It was really nice that everyone felt involved in the festivities."

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An Intimate Reception After a cocktail hour with some storytelling, the family gathered for dinner in a private dining room at Nita Lake Lodge. "I loved this part," Allison says. "Everyone seemed at ease. There was laughing, kissing, more crying, a bit of food throwing."

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No Regrets "I loved the nontraditional. No cutting the cake. No first dance. No garter toss. Just two families uniting as one enjoying each others presence," says Allison. "I wouldn’t have had it any other way."

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Florals and Decor: Blue Violets Events. Stationery: PaperOcelot Designs. Dress: Blush Bridal. Suit: Ted Baker. Hair and makeup: Natacha Trottier