Elaine and Catalin Bujoreanu

August 4, 2019 at Pipe Shop Venue

Photography by Chelsey Lea photography

Wedding 1

Describe your wedding in a few words.

Modern, bold and moody. 

Number of guests: 125

Budget: $50,000

Walk us through the big day!

For two very Type A, planner-type people, we decided to let go and give complete control to Bespoke and Postmark Flowers.  When we were site visiting another venue, we passed by the Pipe Shop and there was another wedding that Bespoke was setting up for.  We fell in love with the one tan couch which we later found out that they named “Rosie.  Our only ask was that they incorporate “Rosie” in the design.   

From there, we gave our planner, Emma, a few pictures of things that we gravitated towards – blacks, golds, and greenery. Emma took our few photos and ran with it!  The whole set up was a complete surprise right up until our reveal half an hour before the wedding.  We could not be happier with the outcome!  I particularly loved our lounge with neon “With All My Heart” sign (and of course Rosie).  White Table Catering teamed with Bespoke and ordered matte black dinnerware and gold cutlery to really tie in everything together.

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It was the hottest day of the summer yet and a perfect way to showcase our beautiful city to family and friends that came from abroad.  The wedding party got ready at the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier (bride with her bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law and the groom with his groomsmen and best puppy).

We decided to have a first look out on the pier overlooking downtown Vancouver, just the two of us and our photographer. Despite it being in such a public space, it was an incredibly intimate moment. Seeing each other before the ceremony allowed us to have that one moment of serenity and calmness before we shared our day with everyone else.    

When the ceremony began, we decided that Cat should walk his grandma down the aisle.  Maia made a promise to Cat that she would fly to Vancouver from Romania for his wedding day and she came through with that promise.  The only non-negotiable for our ceremony was that we wanted Jax (the pup of honour) to be a part of it. Jax was probably the most excited of all us and could barely contain his energy.  Cat’s Mom was supposed to walk him down the aisle but because he was squirming with excitement, she decided to carry him which made for an awkward and hilarious moment.  Nevertheless, they made it down the aisle.

Wedding 16
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Wedding 16

Family from all over the world (Vietnam, Romania, Germany, US) came to this blended wedding with Young Hip and Married's owner Shawn taking us through a thoughtful, funny and intimate ceremony, sharing our story from the moment we met (at a webinar – so romantic, I know!) to Elaine having to make the first move.  The ceremony involved an exchange of vows, not only between us, but also our family and friends promising to support and love us and our relationship – a community vow that you might not always see at weddings.

The reception was catered beautifully by White Table Catering with a fresh summer spread. The menu was light and healthy, filled with summer salads, seasonal vegetables, sablefish and sirloin.  The star of the night was our pop-up Earnest Ice Cream stand. After all, who can say no to a whisky hazelnut and London fog ice cream!

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Wedding 10

Our favourite part of the night was the speeches. Elaine’s sister and Dad’s speeches were incredibly thoughtful and sweet.  We had an ongoing joke that one of the best men, Sho, quit his job to prepare this speech.  Never have we seen anyone so nervous and anxious about creating the perfect speech so you could imagine the expectations we had!  Both Sho and Andrei (the other groomsman) delivered in the best way possible.  Our photographer Chelsey wrote in one of her posts:

"I don't think I've captured a wedding where the groomsmen spoke SO highly of the bride. That to me shows the level of respect her now husband has for her, that his best friends would also think of her in such a high regard. Yesterday was perfect. And these two are each other's "ride or dies.""

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Wedding 9

What inspired the look and feel of the day? 

We love simple, modern design with bold accents - think West Elm, west coast with a little bit of edge.

What was your favourite thing about the wedding? 

My favourite thing was the groomsmen's speeches. We were all a little nervous to see what would turn out to be, but both of them were so thoughtful and witty. They nailed it! It was also incredible seeing family and friends from all over the world connecting and intermingling. The groom's grandmother is Romanian and does not speak any English, and some of the the bride's family is Vietnamese - and seeing them connect and speak French to each other was amazing. Weddings truly unite families!

Wedding 12
Wedding 15

What did you splurge on? 

We splurged on our wedding officiant, Young Hip and Married, and it was worth every penny.

What did you save on?

We decided not to use a videographer and just capture the photos instead. It was less fuss and the photos will remain with us forever.

wedding 3

What was important to you to include in the day?

We had to include our furry son, Jax. He was just a puppy but the day could not happen without him so we ordered him a bowtie from Etsy and strapped the ring to him!

What was the biggest challenge during the planning process?

The biggest challenge was the venue. You rent it bare-bones so you have to account for every chair, every fork and knife -etc. We would not have been able to do it without our amazing wedding coordinator and caterer.

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What would your advice be to other couples planning their big day?

At the end of the day, just think of it as a party with your friends and family at the same place, at the same time, celebrating love. Don't put too much pressure in pleasing everyone and make sure you take the time to enjoy it.

Wedding 11

Photographer: Chelsey Leap Photography

Decor: Bespoke Decor

Planner: Petite Pearl Events 

Catering: White Table Catering

Ice Cream: Earnest Ice Cream 

Officiant: Young Hip and Married 

Flowers: Postmark Flowers