Five good reasons you don't want to plan your wedding without a pro in charge

If you hire a wedding planner, you assume they’ll help with the design, decor, vendors... you know, planning the wedding. But what about all of the things you haven’t even thought about?

Here are five things your wedding planner does behind the scenes...


1. Manage Mother Nature

Umbrella ceremonyNeil SlatteryYou can usually expect sunny skies and calm breezes on your wedding day. I mean, that’s what you plan for, right?!  Freak rain storms, high winds, wildfires and rock slides may not be on the wedding checklists you’ve been pouring over, but these hurdles can make or break your big day. Who is going to save your grandmother’s photo from getting soaked? Who is going to batten down the hatches on your reception tent? Who is going to find you a last minute venue or new vendors when nature throws you a curveball? Your wedding planner, that’s who.

2. Deal with vendor surprises

flowersTara Peach PhotographyYou can Google, talk to friends and check reviews all you want, but how do you really know what to expect? There are a ton of amazing vendors in out there but one size does not fit all. A good planner will understand the vision, intention and overall vibe of your wedding day and is excited to share their extensive list of vendors from all categories, styles and budget ranges. The advice is priceless.

3. Handle venue logistics

drapingKreative BeginningsYour guests arrive, you arrive, you get married, you dance the night away… right? If you have a wedding planner, then yes. Every venue has very specific rules, regulations and capabilities around electricity, transportation and noise. Some of the most beautiful venues have the most challenges, but a planner will know the ins and outs of the space and have a plan to make sure all you’re worried about is if you should have a third glass of champagne.

    4. Keep an eye on the clock

    You want your day to feel smooth, stress-free and effortless. Starting off with a well-planned timeline is certainly key. How long does a four-course plated dinner take? How much time is needed to round up the family for photos? Should you do a first look photo session? Once you’ve figured all of that out and made your timeline, you need to ensure it actually goes as planned. No matter how hard you try on your big day, life happens. Guests miss the shuttle, Uncle Frank’s speech goes on way too long, or maybe it starts to rain minutes before the ceremony. Keeping things moving, making on-the-spot decisions and communicating with all vendors and guests is key to keeping things seamless.

    5. Keep calm

    It’s normal for even the most relaxed person to get overwhelmed with emotion right before they walk down the aisle, read their speech or dance in front of everyone they know. The last thing you want is to miss out on a special moment because your nerves got the best of you. Your wedding day will be full of love, laughter and emotions… so many emotions. Most planners have given dozens of last-minute pep talks to get clients in the right headspace. The emotions can hit you when you least expect it and having someone there to ease your mind, tell a joke, or just listen might be the best wedding gift you receive that day.