Photographer: Blush Sky Photography

Venue: Riverway Clubhouse

Day-of Coordinator: Nicole Daniels

Florals: Blossom & Vine Floral Co.

Bride's Dress: Nicolet dress with Caudry veil, from Truvelle

Bride's Accessories: Primrose headband, Dahlia sash and Chandon box clutch, from Davie & Chiyo

Bride's Jewellery: Emile earrings, Marie cuff and Jura ring, from Catherine Hartley

Groom's Suit: Coppley suit, from Dunn's Tailors

Bridesmaid Dresses: Sugar Bits Convertible Wrap Dress

Groomsmen Outfits: MOORES

Cake: Delicias de Vero

Officiant: Kevin Fatkin

Hair & Makeup: Rita Tang, from The Love Team by Coa

Music: Rene Hugo

DJ: Absolute Entertainment

Lighting: Sitka Studios

Photobooth: CameraBox Photobooth

For a couple that’s been together for over 11 years, through high school and university, first jobs and career changes, the idea that love grows is inherent. Carolina and Scott know what it takes to make love last.

For their summer 2016 wedding, the couple wanted to embrace their history and the way their love has grown over the years. They chose a rustic garden theme to bring their vision to life. “When picking our theme, we borrowed the adjectives I’d used to pick my wedding dress: whimsical, dainty, effortless, romantic and natural,” says Carolina.

“We picked Riverway Clubhouse because we love the West Coast and natural vibe of the venue,” say the couple. And with guests coming from Peru and the USA, they wanted to show off a space that showcases the best of B.C.

With a venue and theme in mind, Carolina says she took to Pinterest for inspiration. “My family also loves to garden, so we wanted to incorporate natural elements into the décor,” explains Carolina.

They did so with homegrown centerpieces. After a bit of research, Scott and Carolina discovered that herbs each have a special meaning.

     Lavender = Devotion

     Oregano = Substance

     Rosemary = Remembrance

     Sage = Longevity

     Thyme = Strength

With the help of Carolina’s mother, who researched and ordered the herb plugs, the couple planted their centerpieces and did their best to keep them alive leading up to the wedding day. “We knew a lot of work and love would go into these, so we gave them away to a guest at each table,” says Carolina.

The herb centerpieces weren’t the couple’s only DIY touches. “It required a lot of curation throughout the years,” says Carolina. “I scoured Craigslist, eBay, and went to wedding shows, vintage shops and wedding décor warehouse sales.”

The bride also did the calligraphy on the signage and table numbers. She created the hanging sign and even made chalkboards from some old frames. The couple became regulars at Michaels and kept their eyes peeled for sales — especially for their large marquis letters. For bigger DIY projects like the centerpieces, napkins, stationery and favours, the couple enlisted the help of friends and family.

Carolina, who immigrated to Canada from Peru when she was a young child, wanted to incorporate her culture into the day. “Incorporating Peruvian elements was important to me, my family and Scott — who embraces all things Peruvian (especially the food) — especially since my grandmother passed away a year before the wedding,” says Carolina.

They invited a pan flute band, Rene Hugo, to play during the reception and gave alfajores (a shortbread cookie with caramel) as wedding favours.

The tech savvy couple even created social engagement for their wedding. The bride created a social media stream using Tradable Bits that collected the Instagram and Twitter posts that used their hashtag #ScottandNina. The stream was viewable on screens throughout the venue. Carolina even created a custom snapchat filter.

While the couple took on most of the planning and décor themselves, they did count on some local vendors to make their day even more special. Here’s what they had to say:

Day-of Coordinator: Nicole Daniels was our total rock leading up to and during the wedding. After Scott's mom had to plan and execute her daughter's wedding, we knew we didn't want to put the same pressure or responsibility on our parents. Nicole knew all the right questions to ask us, was SO helpful with planning our timeline and kept everything running smoothly during the wedding. If something went wrong... I didn't notice. 

Photography: Jen Giles from Blush Sky Photography was the sweetest and such a star leading up to and during the wedding. I was a little neurotic about capturing the day perfectly but I didn't have to worry with Jen who was super organized, highly responsive and extra professional. She made our day look like a fairytale, and we still get compliments on our photos. 

Florals: We knew we couldn't do all of our floral arrangements ourselves, so we hired Michelle Hodgson from Blossom and Vine Floral Co. to take us to the next level. From colour and plant requests, Michelle created arrangements that literally brought me to tears. I was so in love with my bouquet I dried it afterwards.

Wedding Attire: I got my dress from Truvelle at a summer sale before they opened their storefront. I had eyed them for ages and couldn't get over how beautiful the dresses were. I fell in love their Nicolet dress, which I thought perfectly captured the look I was going for (whimsical, dainty, effortless, romantic and natural). Their team was amazing and really accommodating; they provided a stress-free environment. Scott got his suit from Dunn's Tailors in Vancouver and had an equally easy and accommodating experience.

Makeup/Hair: The Love Team by Rita was wonderful and I couldn't be happier with how I looked on the day of. Rita created a look that suited my vision and style. I felt absolutely beautiful. 

Music: Rene Hugo really brought Peru to Canada with his pan flute group during our reception. Josh McLaughlin from Absolute Entertainment went the extra mile for us by creating a remix of My Girl and a Congo beat for the surprise father-daughter dance.

Cake/Favours: Veronica from Delicias de Vero did a fantastic job on our cake (it was delicious) and our guests loved the alfajores. 

Officiant: Kevin Fatkin was upbeat and really helped us plan a ceremony that satisfied our different faiths (Atheism and Catholicism). We wanted to write our own vows and he guided us through that process. I warned him I'd cry and he was good at preparing me for the big moment.