Photographer: Jennifer Williams
Model: Jacqueline Boudreau
Makeup & Hair: Kelly Trerise
Lingerie: Pleasure State, Stella McCartney & Elle MacPherson
Jewellery: Palladio Jewellers & Elsa Corsi
Garters: Sara Laurence
Gown: Nicole Miller, from Blush Occasions
Veil: Blush Occasions ]
Shoes: Vera Wang, from Blush Occasions
Florals: Flower Factory

A boudoir photo can make for a beautiful gift from a bride to her groom. But most women booking a boudoir photo shoot have never done one before. It’s totally normal to feel some butterflies, and Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams (who shot the gorgeous styled photo session here) shares her expert tips to help you feel more at ease before your big shoot:

Pamper yourself

Indulge in a mani/pedi, touch up your roots, get adequate sleep and eat well. Feeling fresh and polished will put you in the right mindset to get in front of the camera. Right before the shoot is not the time to get a new hairstyle, or try a spray tan or bikini wax for the first time. Give yourself at least one or two weeks before the shoot if you plan to try something new.

Choose outfits that suit you

If you’re a glam girl, go for sexy form-fitting outfits that include garters and stockings. If you’re more laid-back, select some pretty bra and panty sets, and bring an off-the-shoulder sweater or T-shirt. Avoid wardrobe choices that will “date” your images, such as a feather boa or a fad like neon-coloured lingerie. You want to look back on your images in 10 years and feel you looked amazing, instead of thinking, ‘Why did I wear that?’

Go for professional hair & makeup

If the photographer you’ve booked doesn’t offer makeup or hairstyling, ask them for a referral and get it done professionally. Not only will it ease your nerves before getting in front of the camera, but you’ll be sure to look your absolute best. So many women try to save money by doing their own makeup and hair, but the results can be less than ideal. Makeup for a photo shoot should be stronger than your everyday makeup, which can appear washed out on camera, or worse, the wrong colour for your skin tone.

Bring some inspiration

Go through your photographer’s portfolio and choose one or two shots you love and ask if they can create something similar for you. If you bring inspiration from magazines, keep in mind your photographer may not be able to recreate the shots due to location or lighting differences. When you’re looking for inspiration, consider why you like each image (the pose, the lighting, facial expression) and communicate that to your photographer. Chances are they can produce something similar in their own style at your shoot location.

Relax and trust your photographer

You chose your photographer because you love their work, and they have your best interest at heart. They will direct you and help you with poses that will be flattering and beautiful. Have fun with it — this is an amazing experience for any woman. And it’s a great way to practice in front of the camera before your wedding day!