When you know what kind of look you like, you’ll be better equipped to choose the best makeup artist and look for your wedding day. As a makeup artist who has worked on thousands of brides, I have found that women usually go for one of three types of bridal looks. For this three-part series of articles, I’ve developed photos and videos to take you into the experience of what suits each of these three bridal makeup personalities.

These personality types or looks can overlap, of course — so keep in mind that at the end of the day, these guidelines aren’t set in stone. Pick the look that you feel best reflects you.

The Romantic Bride

Innocent, Glowing, Angelic: You believe in fairy tales and Prince Charming, and feel a special affinity in your heart for Cinderella.

You’re romantic, and because you’re a big believer in inner beauty, you don’t wear a lot of makeup during the day. You never want your makeup to be “too much” or look caked on. You probably have great skin that you take very good care of, and you focus on enhancing it and brightening your eyes. Your friends would describe you as low maintenance.

This look is perfect for the woman getting married during the daytime, and especially in the springtime. The main colour palette here — pinks, plums and whites — makes it ideal for the bride who wants to look fresh and beautiful, but still sparkle and turn heads.

In my experience, women who ask for this look are usually very artistic — gentle, soft spoken, feminine, yet strong on the inside. They remind me of delicate flowers.

To watch this look come to life, please check out my video above.