In the final article of our series on different bridal makeup styles (which included looks for the romantic bride and the dramatic bride), we take a look at the natural bride.

Having worked with Eastern brides most of my life, this neutral look seems to be the most popular by far amongst women of all ages and backgrounds.

Designed to perfection with your features in mind, it’s a natural yet dramatic look that’s meant to work with your natural skin tone.

If you’re attracted to this look, you’re most likely a down-to-earth gal who is simple, elegant and has a healthy sense of self. You don’t believe in trends and are more concerned with a look that lives forever. On regular days, you don’t mind going out bare-faced. You still enjoy makeup, but you just don’t want any of that caked-on stuff!

You are into timeless, classic looks, which is why you want something beautiful for your wedding day that will also look timeless in photos.

This look is perfect for you because it’s feminine yet still natural. It’s matte, meaning it’s also great if your skin has a tendency to get oily during the day.

Photographers generally love this look because it looks amazing in photographs.

Check out the video above to watch how this look was achieved.