Grand Villa Casino Comes to the Rescue of One Local Couple

Admittedly, this isn’t quite the type of wedding usually covered in the pages of Real Weddings. But just for fun, we thought we'd share this wacky (yet heartwarming) Vegas-style Burnaby wedding, which took place this past Saturday.

Coquitlam’s Jim Mellish and Burnaby’s Danielle Callaghan had big plans to marry in Las Vegas recently. Their dream was to recreate that magical moment when Jim proposed to his future wife at Treasure Island. Sadly, when a family member fell ill before the ceremony, the couple had to cancel their plans and return home immediately. Not only did they not get their dream wedding, but unable to obtain a refund, the two were now out of pocket for all the expenses.

Not longer after, Jim and Danielle were visiting the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby where they play poker and were overheard talking about their wedding situation. Word spread quickly through the casino, and soon, the casino’s management team had tracked down the couple and surprised them with an offer to recreate the Vegas celebration they had envisioned.

The Grand Villa Casino not only sprang for Jim and Danielle’s wedding at the casino’s Centro Bar — complete with an appearance by Elvis and two glitzy showgirls — but also threw in two nights’ accommodations, flowers and a wedding-night dinner.

Everything was organized within days, and before they knew it, Danielle and Jim found themselves saying “I do” in front of Elvis — and a cheering casino crowd.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and a big shout-out to the Grand Villa Casino for their generosity. It’s a sweet reminder that dreams can come true, even if they don’t always happen the way you’d expect.