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Hi there, my name is Cam and I’m a newly minted bride-to-be.

This summer on a camping trip in the backcountry of Mount Baker my boyfriend “T” proposed to me beneath a sky filled with shooting stars. Very stereotypical and cliché, I know, but the rustic outdoors is just my style. I won’t lie, he definitely caught me off guard after I’d huffed and puffed for over five hours up a couple thousand meters of terrain, but as surprised as I was, I was even happier to say “YES”!

Beaming with excitement and adrenaline, we started to spread the word of our engagement to family and friends. As expected, everyone quickly congratulated us; but in addition to the best wishes, I wasn’t prepared for the barrage of questions we received about the specifics of our big day. As I’d soon find out, I was clueless about all that goes into planning this crazy event. I had not one single answer to the questions I received from almost everyone:

  • “When is the big day?”
  • “Where will it be?”
  • “What will you wear?”
  • “What dress shop are you going to? Have you made an appointment yet?”
  • “What’s your favourite colour palette?”
  • “Who is going to do your makeup?”
  • “Will you wear your hair up or down?”

So, there I was, completely unprepared and without any answers to these questions. Even scarier was quickly learning from my friends that most vendors and venues get booked at least a year in advance. Who knew? If it wasn’t completely apparent to you yet, dear reader, at that point it became solidly clear to me: I’m planning a wedding and I have no clue what I’m doing.

Many of my engaged or married friends already had an idea of what their wedding would be like before they got married. They already knew their favourite wedding dress designers, what colours they wanted their bridesmaids to wear, and when and where they wanted to get married. And this was before they even got engaged. Well, here I am three months after getting engaged, and I have no idea. 

Cam Lee, bride-to-be

Photo by Sarah Bryn

But don’t worry; I’m not crying over the keyboard as I type (yet…) and this isn’t going to be a sob story. For those of you wandering down the unknown road of wedding planning, I’ll try to offer a little insight and some tips as I tumble along. So check in with my journey and I’ll try to give you a little guidance, as well as share my lessons learned (from little failures) along the way.

As part of my journey navigating the world of wedding planning, I’ll be sharing experiences about several topics I think you might find interesting:

Wedding dress shopping: Someone mentioned to me that some dresses need to be ordered up to 8 months in advance of your big day. With our wedding set for summer 2017, it looks like that boat has sailed for me… get ready to take some shortcuts and learn from my mistakes!  

Hair and makeup: Kate Winslet did her own makeup, maybe I can do my own? Who am I kidding, I’m no Kate Winslet and half the time I don’t even wear makeup. My makeup skills are going to need a revamp and revival.

Sending out Save-the-Dates, Invites, RSVPs, and Thank-You cards: Who knew there were so many cards?

And that’s not even addressing the actual meat and potatoes of this endeavour: choosing a venue, a theme, a colour scheme, caterers, photographers, and the list goes on and on…

Follow along as I figure it all out. I’ll be sharing the good and the bad (hopefully mostly good!) And I’m also open to any advice or stories you guys might have to share, as I honestly don’t have a clue.

Thank goodness for good friends and Google.


Cam // @camillia_lee


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