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On this fast-paced journey toward my wedding day I recently took a class with Denise Elliott to learn how to do my own makeup. She shared a bunch of handy tips — essential for looking your best, whether for your wedding, an engagement shoot, rehearsal dinner or any other event you might have on the horizon.


Use primer

Primer is critical for prepping your skin to be “makeup ready,” smoothing the skin by filling in fine lines and pores. More importantly, primer helps your makeup look great and last all day. And this is exactly what a bride needs — no extra worries about whether her look will hold the test of so many emotions and smiles throughout the wedding day!

Denise recommends: stila One Step Correct


Use a powder to set

Powder sets your makeup in place, and again, keeps it looking fresh all day. Apply powder after your foundation and blush. Additionally, this is a great product to reapply throughout the day; it will help battle the shine and sweat that’s bound to show up.

Denise recommends: Paul & Joe Pressed Face Powder 


Use a cream eyeshadow

Apply cream eyeshadow after your primer. Using a cream-based eyeshadow will help reduce creases that may appear throughout the day.

Denise recommends: glo-minerals Cream Stay Shadow Stick


Use waterproof mascara 

This one seems like a no-brainer, but I admit I needed the reminder! I often just default to my regular mascara due to routine, but for weddings, makeup goals are to ensure your look holds true for the entirety of your amazing event!

Denise recommends: FusionBeauty Waterproof XXL Dramatically Volumizing Mascara


Cam Lee makeup tips

Photo by Katie Courson Photography 


Apply more product for better photos

This is always a hard one for me; I find it difficult to tell when more makeup is too much. There’s a fine line of going overboard and I fear looking like I have my face painted like a circus clown! Once you’ve applied your makeup, take a step away from the mirror and look at yourself from a distance; also get a second opinion from one of your trusted bridesmaids. Only then make a decision whether to add a touch more makeup.


False Eyelashes

There are so many different shapes, sizes and types of false eyelashes. I opted for individual lashes since I find they look more natural than applying a whole strip. Individual lashes help fill in areas that need it and it’s easier to create your desired look when you can control the thickness at a more fine-scale level. If you do opt to use false eyelashes, it’s crucial to know that water will weaken the glue (for those teary-eyed moments.) To help keep them in place, apply a coat of waterproof mascara to bond the flake lashes to your real ones.


Make your lipstick last longer by drinking through a straw

Denise didn’t share this tip with me, but I thought I would add it to the list because I love this trick! I always forget to reapply my lipstick, so drinking through a straw is such a lifesaver.


Practice, practice, practice

If you’re going to do your own makeup for your wedding, the best thing you can do is practice before the big day. Take pictures to see how it turns out in photographs. While it was easy to watch Denise put on my makeup, I had a much more difficult time doing it for myself; not only was I slower, but I also had a hard time creating as clean and precise a look. So practice your technique to make sure you feel comfortable before the wedding.


If you have any tips or stories about your wedding day makeup, please share them! I would love to hear what you’re planning for your wedding day.


Cam // @camillia_lee


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