A couple of weeks ago, I decided I ‘d like to create my own wedding invitations. Going down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and Instagram, I discovered many amazing resources and workshops on how to DIY my stationery. Just days later, I was excited to see that two of my favourite designers were offering workshops, so I signed up!

The first workshop I attended was Maurelle Calligraphy & Design Modern Calligraphy 101 Workshop. Maurelle is a talented calligrapher based in Vancouver who fell in love with letter writing at the age of 15. She offers a variety of hand-lettering services, teaching her impressive craft for the creation of items such as wedding invitations, placeholders and much more.

Maurelle Calligraphy & Design workshop

The second workshop I signed up for was Love by Phoebe's Watercolour Floral class at The Aviary. One of Phoebe’s many talents is her mastery of painting and drawing. She creates custom illustrations, and in her workshop she shares her secrets and tips for painting beautiful floral watercolour compositions.

Love by Phoebe workshop

Prior to these two workshops, I knew nothing about calligraphy or watercolour, so I learned A LOT from Maurelle and Phoebe. Each workshop was three hours and included workbooks, notes, tools and any equipment that you would need in the class. I loved this because after the class was over, I could go home with all the tools to practice my new skill right away. After trying my hand at calligraphy and watercolour for three hours, it quickly became apparent that learning how to master these skills would not be an overnight transformation, but something that requires plenty of practice and dedication. Maurelle and Phoebe have been honing their craft for many years now, and it really shows.

Maurelle Calligraphy & Design workshop

In a perfect world, I would dedicate time and effort to calligraphy and watercolour until my pen and brush strokes become consistent and fluid, and then combine these beautiful features to create elegant wedding invitations. While I’m trying to get there, I realize as my wedding date creeps a little closer that I’m not quite ready. I wish I had taken their classes just a few weeks (or months!) earlier. Lucky for me, all is not lost! Maurelle and Phoebe both offer their professional services, so if my skills aren’t up to par in time for the wedding I can hire them, which definitely eases my mind as the big day approaches!

Cam Lee bride-to-be calligraphy

Their workshops also opened my eyes to other fun, creative possibilities for unleashing your calligraphy and watercolour skills beyond invitations, such as:

  • ◆ Snapchat filters
  • ◆ Placecard holders
  • ◆ Addressing letters
  • ◆ Writing your vows
  • ◆ Menus
  • ◆ Table numbers
  • ◆ Event programs
  • ◆ Thank You cards

If you’re interested in taking Maurelle's or Phoebe's workshops you can find the dates and locations listed on their websites:

Maurelle Calligraphy & Design // Love by Phoebe

In addition to their listed workshop dates, Maurelle and Phoebe also offer private lessons, which can be a really fun way to spend time with your bridal party.

calligraphy with Maurelle Calligraphy & Design

Are you doing your own stationery or are you practicing your calligraphy or watercolour? I’d love to see what you’re working on!

Cam // @camillia_lee


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