Vancouver Makeup Artist Christina Petry Shares Her Top Tips & Tricks for Gorgeous Eyes

Whether you’re gearing up for your wedding day or just want to look fabulous every day, professional makeup artists have a bag full of beauty tricks. Here are some of my own eye beauty tips to create unforgettable peepers. Brow Makeup What’s always in style and looks great on everyone? That would be defined and trimmed brows. Properly groomed, brows give your face definition, almost like framing an expensive piece of art — you look more beautiful and more polished. So, don’t let your brows become crazy and take on a mind of their own. But don’t get caught up in arching your eyebrows too much. Focus on a natural look, and just have your brows trimmed for shape, plucked for a clean line while leaving some thickness. But even if you have over-plucked or lost your shape, there are tons of products on the market to help you fill in and create a shape that suits your face. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products (available at Sephora) are amazing — this lady knows brows. The Anastasia Beauty Express kit includes stencils to create the shape to fit you best, plus everything you need to learn how to achieve the perfect brow.

Under-eye Concealer Whether you’re creating a simple daytime look for the office, heading for lunch with your girlfriends, or out for a night on the town with a sexy smoky eye — you always want to conceal the under-eye area. Without concealer, you may draw attention to the darkness under your eye. Concealer not only conceals a sleepless night, but also brings out the colours in your eyes and shadows. Everyone looks for different qualities in a concealer: hydration for dry skin, nothing too heavy that can sit in fine lines, one that’s not too cakey for younger skin, good coverage for dark discolouration. But we all want one that brightens. The Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit (available at Sephora) offers customized shades to suit your skin colour and undertones, plus it comes with a setting powder. When applying I like to use my ring finger, as it’s the weakest digit to apply product around your sensitive eye area. Concealer also blends well through the warmth of your hand. Or, if you have a good one, use a concealer brush.

Eyelid Primer Creasing on top of the lid can ruin all your careful eye makeup application. While this is an area you don’t really see in the mirror, others are more likely to notice it. To prevent creasing, I always prime eyelids first, then apply eye shadow. Even with oily skin, a primer will give you long-wearing coverage from the office to after-dinner drinks — or throughout your entire wedding day! I love and rely on MAC Paints. The MAC Cosmetics Bare Canvas primer is clean and matte-finished, perfect for daytime. Stilife has some shimmer, while Bamboo is a bit darker and good for use in the crease, or mixed with other shades on the lid to achieve different looks. One tube lasts a long time, is very easy to apply and you can apply shadow right away.

False Lashes We all want bigger, fuller and longer lashes, but not everyone can apply false lashes properly. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the benefits that come from wearing falsies — opt for individual lashes instead. They are so much easier to apply, and you can place one at a time for a perfect application every time. If you have short, blunt lashes, a full set may not look natural on you, or if you have fuller lashes, you may just want a little extra texture. The beauty of individual lashes is you can place them just where you need them and they come in three convenient lengths. I recommend using Duo Eyelash Glue (available at Sephora), which is super sticky to hold all day or night, while being easy to remove. It also comes in black so you don’t need to wait for a white glue to dry on your lashes, or worry about a shiny clear trail being visible along your lashline. Try Ardell individual lashes, available at major retailers like Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Spoon Tricks Here’s a cool tool to keep in your makeup kit — one that you’d never guess could be helpful in so many ways: a good ol’ spoon out of the kitchen! With a simple spoon, you can: • Create the perfect cat eye by drawing your bottom and top line around the spoon edge; • Curl your lashes — before applying mascara, cup the spoon on your eyelid then grab your lashes with a free finger. Gently pull the lashes around the spoon, doing it a few more times, walking out to the end. It works! Ask your grandmother — I’m sure she’s done it and knows it well. • Apply mascara cleanly — cup your eyelid with a spoon so that any mascara residue ends up on the spoon, instead of on your eyelid.

Vancouver beauty professional Christina Petry of Red Carpet Ready by Christina has made a name for herself as a go-to person for makeup and hair. On top of 35 weddings in the past year, she has worked with clients such as TEDActive, Mercedes-Benz and TOPSHOP Canada to name a few. Christina is also a makeup artist for Dior Cosmetics and a personal style consultant. Her creative direction, makeup and hair talents and wardrobe styling have been featured in numerous online publications. She also blogs, vlogs and has her ear to the ground when it comes to all things “glam.”