The New Vancouver Brow Specialist Creates Perfect Arches in Minutes

Brows in need of a makeover? There’s a new option in Vancouver: recently opened Blink Brow Bar offers expert threading, tinting and waxing services from its clean and modern Coal Harbour location.

If you fair-haired beauties think threading is strictly for those with darker complexions and raven tresses (generally those with more visible facial and body hair), think again. That doesn’t mean your barely there brows couldn’t use a little taming. That otherwise innocent peach fuzz may be concealing your brow shape and stealing the spotlight from your eyes. Or, maybe you’ve gone pluck-happy or you wrote off brow services after being on the painful receiving end of a disgruntled waxist. Well, Blink Brow Bar has you covered.

Those with delicate, sensitive skin who have left threading appointments with an angry red brow can rest assured they’ll be in the care of true professionals at Blink. With 17 years of experience in threading faces smooth, Blink owner Kiran Darred (pictured above) is no stranger to this ancient Indian method of hair removal and has developed her own technique to ensure it's as painless as possible. Starting out as a hairstylist in her own Vancouver salon 12 years ago, Kiran discovered a passion for eyebrows that led her to become a certified esthetician and threading expert. Since then, she has corrected and created brows that truly showcase her clients’ best features. All of Blink’s technicians have trained under Kiran to ensure they all offer the same level of expertise and meet her high standards.

Once you’re seated with a warm cup of chai in hand (Kiran’s own recipe), the technician will get to work assessing and prepping your brows. Using a white liner pencil to draw the desired shape, the technician will show you the points at which your brows should begin, arch and end, followed by instructions on the steps needed to achieve your desired shape (No. 1: Back away from the tweezers).

Using nothing more than a spool of thread and quick strokes, the hair around your brows will be removed as the technician rolls the thread along your brow line, pulling each hair from the follicle, achieving red-carpet-worthy results in just 20 minutes.

For added impact, consider eyebrow tinting. Using colour made from vegetable dyes, the technician will blend and apply your perfect shade, leaving you with lasting results that mean less time spent fussing with makeup – perfect for honeymooning brides.

Blink Brow Bar is open daily at 577 Bute Street, Vancouver. For an appointment, call 604-428-2769 or book online. Brow threading services start at $21; tinting from $19.