Ever open your underwear drawer and wish you could start all over again? While you're picking out your special wedding lingerie, why not take the chance to refresh your entire collection? If you're scoping out new linens or dishes for your upcoming life together, you might also want to hit up Vancouver's Dianes Lingerie to embark on a new life of feeling beautiful from the inside out.

Think of it as taking a cue from the always-elegant French. "French women dress from the inside out and they value high-quality items because they last," explains French lingerie expert Lyne Glanzmann. The professional corsetiere (a specialty lingerie maker and fitter) was in Vancouver yesterday to launch the spring/summer collection of Empreinte at Dianes Lingerie on Granville Street.

Empreinte is a handmade French collection "made for real women," according to Dianes Lingerie owner Sharon Hayles. In other words, the gorgeous line is ideal for curvier women, with bra cup sizes ranging from C to G.

Empreinte bras start at $140, but you truly get what you pay for — the lingerie maker has been in business since 1946 and become legendary for its unwavering commitment to top-quality fabrics, craftsmanship, comfort and fit. Properly cared for, an Empreinte bra will last for at least two years. Empreinte's newest collection features loads of gorgeous colours like the turquoise above (why settle for beige in your married life?), pretty embroidery and French lace.

If you haven't been fitted for a bra lately, I highly recommend you see the experts at Dianes Lingerie. As I discovered on my own visit, Dianes consultants don't fuss with tape measures because they know every bra fits differently, so the numbers don't mean much. Personally, I've worn the same bra size for years, but the helpful consultant at Dianes revealed my true size was way off from what I'd been buying. Lesson learned!

Sadly, I'm too petite to fit into an Empreinte bra myself, Dianes did help me find a lovely bra from French line Chantelle that fit like it had been made for me.

Check out the Empreinte spring/summer collection online, or plan your visit to Dianes Lingerie today or Saturday (May 25) and you can also sample tasty teas and macarons from The Urban Tea Merchant. Plus, receive a gift with purchase anytime through May 25!