Written, directed, produced & edited: Mehdi Nowroozi Starring: Maya-Roisin Isabella Slater, Giancarlo Zionel Reyes & Daria (the hedgehog) Executive Producer: Gaby Bayona & Truvelle Bridal Director of Photography: Jan Klompje Wardrobe: Gaby Bayona

Truvelle designer and creative director Gaby Bayona has wanted to create an atypical fashion film to showcase her designs for some time. After countless coffee dates with her friend (and filmmaker) Mehdi Nowroozi, the pair had a plan to bring their vision to life for her 2015 collection.

“As a filmmaker, I aim to do something original, something people will immediately recognize as fresh,” says director and editor (and wedding photographer) Nowroozi. “I want people to be hypnotized and mystified.”

The film “Mannequin” is an eight minute “adventure fantasy fashion film,” says Nowroozi. The main imagery and storyline stem from Nowroozi’s passion for mannequins. “It’s been my artistic motif for the past two years, so when Truvelle approached me, I knew where to start,” he continues.

With Gaby and Mehdi agreed on a concept, plans for the execution were soon underway. A little whimsy and magic were necessary, they laugh.

Nowroozi considers himself a surrealist: “I like unconventional ideas. That’s what gets me excited and where my strengths lie,” he says. “It’s also where I feel I can make a unique contribution in filmmaking.”

Bayona knew she wanted actress Maya-Roisin Isabella Slater to be her star, with Truvelle’s John Carol Reyes as The Mystery Man and Truvelle’s studio pet Daria, as The Hedgehog. The team gathered on a chilly day on a pretty acreage in B.C. to film.

The result is surreal, magical, whimsical and eerie. Everything Nowroozi and Bayona set out to achieve.