Looking for an out-of-town bachelorette spot? Check out our handy list of destinations not too far from Vancouver. Almost all of these locales have been personally tested and bachelorette approved.

Whistler Your bride: The Adventurer Travel time: 1hr 45min drive What to do: Zipline. Ride the mountain. Stroll in the Village. Soak in a hot tub. Bar hop.

Seattle Your bride: The Shopper Travel time: 3hr drive What to do: Go on a shopping marathon. Fuel with coffee. Explore Pike’s Place Market.

Tofino Your bride: The Queen of Calm Travel time: 1hr 35min ferry followed by a 3hr drive What to do: Get pampered at the spa. Whale watch. Soak in the beach scenery.

The Okanagan Your bride: The Wine Lover Travel time: 4-5hr drive What to do: Embark on a wine-tasting marathon. Soak up the sun. Boat on the lake.

Portland Your bride: The Foodie Travel time: 5hr 30min drive What to do: Tour a microbrewery. Jump from food card to food cart. Get lost in Powell’s Books.

San Francisco Your bride: The Creative Cat Travel time: 1hr 45min flight What to do: Explore the unique neighbourhoods. Sample the exceptional food scene. Take a day trip to Sonoma and the Napa Valley.

San Diego Your bride: The Sun Worshipper Travel time: 2hr 20min flight What to do: Hit the surf. Visit Sea World. Mingle at a rooftop bar.

Las Vegas Your bride: The Wild Child Travel time: 2hr 30min flight What to do: Relax poolside. Catch a Cirque du Soleil show. Walk The Strip. Experience the non-stop nightlife.