With fall well under way in British Columbia, we’re at a time of year when the weather takes a front seat in our thoughts. We cozy up by the fireplace with our loved ones, sip fall-themed lattes and look forward to the first, magical snow of the season.

Claire Pettibone, an LA-based bridal designer, was inspired by the four seasons and wanted to create a collection that epitomized each one. “I was able to immerse myself in the beauty of nature, and delve into the variety of colour, texture and motifs that have been painted by artists, sung and written about,” says Claire.

While she loves the concept of a gown for every season, Claire believes a dress from spring could be worn at a fall wedding, or a winter gown could be perfect for a summer soirée. “I present this collection as an inspirational starting point, and leave it to the creativity and individual personalities of my brides to make these dresses their own,” she says.

From Claire on the designs for Four Seasons:

Spring— Dresses literally blooming from head to toe with delicate floral embroideries, laces and carefully placed appliqués. These romantic dresses are a dream for any season, and bring the fresh beauty of spring to life

Summer— Lazy days in a grassy meadow with nothing to do but dream and fall in love. Cotton embroideries, breezy tulle and linen with sheer details, intricate touches and a bohemian spirit epitomize the perfect summer mood.

Autumn— There is a mystery about autumn, and a rich beauty in the changing of the seasons. Texture, detail and a glimmer of precious metals woven into luxurious embroideries and laces offers up a decadent statement for our bride.

Winter— A time of quiet reflection, snow dusted on winter’s branches, and a touch of sparkle creates the magic of winter. Elaborate embroideries, layers of lace and tulle, and the subtle shimmer of sequins and crystals are statement pieces for any season.

So find your favourite season among the collection!

B.C. residents can find Claire Pettibone at Frocks in Vancouver, 4814 Fraser St. They are currently only carrying the Romantique line.