How to Clean or Spot-Treat Your Precious Wedding Wear

Now I’m not suggesting you should wash your wedding gown. But I recently discovered The Laundress, a line of products from New York designed to care for your favourite pieces, including precious, delicate items like your veil or wedding lingerie.

I love that The Laundress products are all eco-friendly — 100 per cent biodegradable and non-toxic, made without allergens, phosphate, paraben, phthalate or bleach, and using only natural scents and colours. Here are the four products I tested:

1. Wash & Stain Bar: This tiny vegetable-soap bar is more powerful than it looks. Designed to spot-treat hard-to-reach stains, it’s a great airplane-friendly item for your carry-on bag. I tried it out on the ring-around-the-collar of one of my husband’s white dress shirts, before tossing it in the regular wash. The results weren’t perfect, but the stain wasn’t new and it came out much more faded than when it went in.

2. Crease Release: This one’s a lifesaver! If, like me, you’ve been neglecting your ironing, just spritz this handy liquid on your outfit (even while you’re wearing it) and watch the wrinkles disappear. The 2 oz. bottle sells for about $12 and will fit neatly into your purse in case of a crease emergency. 3. Static Solution: Products like Static Guard can make you feel like you’re killing an ozone layer every time you spray and get blasted by that toxic scent. But sometimes nothing else will save your skirt from clinging embarrassingly to your pantyhose. Luckily, Static Solution works like a charm, is non-toxic, comes in a non-aerosol bottle, and releases a fresh, light scent.

4. Delicate Wash: I recently wore an organza dress to a wedding, then “forgot” to bring it to the dry cleaner. Since Delicate Wash is designed to clean silks and other dry-clean-only fabrics, I decided to risk it. I popped the dress into the washing machine on the delicate cycle in cold water and my dress came out smelling fresh and clean. It didn’t shrink, which was my biggest worry, although the rayon lining wrinkled like crazy. Still, nothing a quick steaming can’t fix – and I saved the cost and hassle of a dry-cleaning trip. Sold!

You can buy The Laundress products online, or in Vancouver at Lut Boutique on Main Street, Charlie & Lee on Union Street, or Kiss and Makeup at Park Royal West.