Creative Director: CountDown Events
Photographer: Artiese Studios
Location: Cecil Green Park House
Decor: Taffete Designs
Modern Bouquet: Sunflower Florist
Romantic Bouquet: Balconi Floral Design Studio
Bohemian Bouquet: Celsia Floral
Spring Bouquet: Flower Factory
Organic Bouquet: Garden Party Flowers

Today’s bride is presented with a multitude of bouquet options. To break it down, we’ve selected five of the most-requested bouquets here, to take a closer look at the feel and style that encapsulates each bouquet. There are many, many options available, and we always encourage our brides to select blooms, ribbons, textures, shapes and styles that reflect their personalities and best suit their personal style. 

Modern Bouquet (shown at top)

This elegant and refined bouquet was designed for the contemporary bride who loves clean lines and a perfect symmetry. A combination of tight white blooms (roses would also work) and dusty grey leaves would be ideal for a modern winter wedding.



Romantic Bouquet

This soft and dreamy bouquet is one of the most popular and best suited to the young bride with a whimsical yet elegant style. The shape is classic and round. 



Bohemian Bouquet

This unconventional and artistic bouquet is designed for the free-spirited bride and features looser blooms and a more relaxed style. The shape is loose and hand-tied.



Spring Bouquet

This bright bouquet is ever so fresh and could have been picked right out of your garden! It features seasonal blooms and lovely pops of colour, perfect for a garden wedding.



Organic Bouquet

This bouquet is for the down-to-earth bride and features an array of textures such as angular succulents and soft moss. It has a casual and relaxed feel, but with slight pops of blush pink to preserve a feminine element.