West Coast Wilderness Lodge (Egmont, B.C.)

West Coast Wilderness Lodge (Edmont, B.C.)
Image by: Jennifer Picard Photography

Jennifer of Jennifer Picard Photography:

“My favourite location to shoot couples is the West Coast Wilderness Lodge in Egmont, B.C. The area and views are absolutely breathtaking… it's a place where you can completely unplug and be fully present. It's a chance to unwind and connect with yourself and nature.

It has everything that the Sunshine Coast is known for, including one-of-a-kind stunning cliff-side ocean views of tiny islands that dot the Sechelt Inlet, where it feeds into the Salish sea.

A favourite memory, or memorable moment from one of the shoots I did there happened in June. I photographed a wedding at the lodge and at the start of the ceremony, the bride and groom held a three-minute meditation, overlooking the incredible view from the lodge. A chance for everyone there to become fully present and take in all the love and beauty that surrounded them.”


Porpoise Bay (By Sechelt Inlet)

Porpoise Bay (By Sechelt Inlet)
Image by: Fresh Air Photography

Sherry Nelson of Fresh Air Photography:

“I had the honour of capturing this special moment in July 2016, at a wedding ceremony on the Sunshine Coast. The private location near Porpoise Bay was chosen specifically by the bride and groom because of the sentimental significance of living nearby.

“The breathtaking views captured in the photograph, encompass the Sechelt Inlet, which is enveloped by a series of mountains looming large on both sides of the channel, and curves beyond up into the infamous Skookumchuk Narrows. The view is pristine and magical, with only a few houses dotting the coastline; and exploring further is limited to boat and seaplane, making it even more remote and special.

“What makes this photograph so touching is the love that is shared by the couple (who have been together eight years and have two small children). They were both so in love and thrilled to finally be married. It is an honour and a privilege to be trusted to capture the emotions of symbolic milestones such as this. It's what makes my art my passion.”


The Pointhouse at Sargeants Bay

The Point House (Sargents Bay)
Image by: Coco Photography

Courtney Munson of Coco Photography:

“When I think Sunshine Coast I think ocean, mountains, lush forest and adventure. I happen to love all of the above, and the Pointhouse at Sargents Bay offers all of this right at their doorstep.

When clients travel to The Pointhouse, it is their very own intimate adventure. They create beautiful elopements for those who just want to run away and tie the knot in a simple, wholehearted way. Some of my most memorable moments at The Pointhouse are watching couples' adventures come true, one elopement at a time.”


Myrtle Rocks (Powell River)

Myrtle Rocks (Powell River)
Image by: Kennedy Photografik

Jennifer of Kennedy Photografik:

“I would have to say that Myrtle Rocks is one of my favourite place to shoot weddings, mostly because Powell River and the Sunshine Coast is known for our amazing coastlines. I absolutely love the ever-changing sky and water colours, and no two weddings will ever look alike. It goes against what most couples envision for a wedding, but the darker and stormier, the better!”


Cliff Gilker Park (Roberts Creek)

Cliff Gilker Park (Roberts Creek)
Image by: Photography By Marissa

Marissa of Photography By Marissa:

“The Sunshine Coast is such an amazing place to get married, and take photographs. I find it difficult to pick my favourite location! The Coast has so much to offer with its beautiful scenery everywhere. The weddings that I love the most are the ‘off-the-beaten-path’ weddings. One of my favourite locations is Cliff GiIker Park in Roberts Creek. I love the waterfall, trees, moss, ferns... it is beautiful.”


Snickett Park (Sechelt)

Snickett Park (Sechelt)
Image by: One Blue Fish Photography

Nathan of One Blue Fish Photography:

“My favourite place to shoot on the Sunshine Coast has definitely got to be Snickett Park in Sechelt. It has all of the elements that represent the West Coast but it also works very well photographically. There are amazing sunsets, a forest nearby, a mountainous vista and, of course, the beach. We once photographed a couple from Germany and we opted for a sunset shoot at Snickett Park. When we got there, the whole beach was completely bathed in a warm golden light. I could tell that they were totally blown away by how beautiful it was and I realized how lucky I was to live in such a special place.”