Photographer: Dawn Stenzel Photography
Venue: Cecil Green Park House
Bride’s Dress: “Cersei” by Sophia Tolli, Champagne & Lace 
Bridesmen Suits: Black and Lee
Hair & Makeup: MACAxis Hair Salons
Groom’s Outfit: Coppely, Harry Rosen  
Groomsmen Outfits: Black and Lee
Groom’s Shoes: Florsheim, The Bay  
Bridal Party Accessories: Etsy
Entertainment: Houle Games & Entertainment 
Catering: Wescadia Catering 
Officiant: John Humphreys
Music: Jay Leonard JuatcoRossi Gang
Jewellery: Pieces of 2
Bride’s Wedding Ring: Spence Diamonds
Groom’s Wedding Ring: Pieces of 2
Transportation: Time Limo

Not even summer rain could dampen the spirit of fun at the wedding of Jordan and Victoria Davis, held August 8 on the grounds of UBC’s Cecil Green Park House.

The Vancouver-based newlyweds, who met on the job in Bermuda, simply pulled out a batch of matching white umbrellas and used them as props for “Singin’ in the Rain”-style wedding snaps. 

So that was the only glitch in an otherwise perfect day?

“Not at all,” says Victoria, a local jewellery designer: “I lost Jordan’s wedding band and didn’t realize it until I was in the limo on the way to the ceremony!” Luckily, the bride-to-be had designed it, and had the prototype at her studio, so an 11th hour crisis was quickly averted. “One of the bridesmen had to jump out of the limo and take a taxi over to get it,” she says.

And yet another nuptial nightmare was to come. During the toasts, Victoria explains: “My dad tanked his speech. He’s from Argentina and English isn’t his first language, so he basically just said all the wrong things. It was all shades of awful, and people were cringing.”

To Victoria’s credit, none of these marital mishaps caused her to turn her into a bridezilla. At the end of the day, she reasons: “All of that makes for funny memories.”

And fun, Victoria says, was exactly what she and Jordan, a software developer, were aiming for. During the wedding processional, for example, the irreverent pair put a twist on tradition by swapping “Here Comes the Bride” for Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.” And rather than just simply walk down the outdoor aisle, the bridal party chose to dance instead. 

Says Victoria: “We had our moms come out dancing first, and then the entire bridal party, followed by me and my dad – everyone did some awesome dance moves and our guests laughed, which is what we wanted. We wanted to start our marriage off with laughter rather than all serious.”

More merriment followed as guests sipped cocktails and enjoyed lawn games before sitting down to a buffet dinner held on an outdoor terrace. Tables were adorned with greenery, wooden beams were strung with fairy lights and lanterns glowed from tree branches, reflecting the couple’s wish for a woodland-style wedding.

As for the food, “We just had a basic buffet,” Victoria says. “And it was great. Our plan was to get the cheapest food and pay for the most alcohol. Our three priorities were the photography, open bar and live band.”

And for the fun-loving bride, the highlight of the day was the newlyweds’ first dance. One of her best friends, a musician, started off by singing a slow rendition of the Beatles’ “I  Just Saw a Face” which morphed halfway through into “a very pumpy swing dance” version of Florence and the Machine’s “Kiss With a Fist.”

“We practiced for months because Jordan isn’t great at rhythm and he absolutely nailed it,” Victoria says proudly.  

To be sure everyone could join them in kicking up their heels, the couple had a dance instructor on hand to offer guests 30-minute swing-dancing lessons.

And even though a few other things were to go sideways during the celebration – “We forgot to do the garter toss, wedding cake and throw the bouquet” – it wasn’t a big issue for the bride, who shrugs: “It just slipped our minds. We were so busy having fun!”