Looking for a fresh hairstyle for your wedding? This loose cascading braid would match perfectly with a low-back strapless gown, providing you with just the right amount of coverage on the back for a romantic, yet boho style. Add a viney hairpiece and you’ll be ready to say ‘I do’ at your outdoor forest ceremony.

​1. Prep hair by curling it with a curling iron or hot rollers to add some texture and volume.



2. Separate hair in a horseshoe section around the bridal veil area (crown). Secure the top section aside to be braided later. Divide remaining bottom half of hair into five even sections.



3. Make a loose braid with the middle three bottom sections. Instead of tying it off at the end, back comb the ends to secure the braid in place. Pull pieces of the braid loose for added texture and a softer, fuller look.



4. Unpin the top section of hair. Back comb lightly at the root and then separate into three sections, braiding loosely. Like with the previous braid, backcomb the bottom to secure it in place and then pull pieces of the braid loose.



5. Lightly twist the hair from one of the two side sections, wrapping it around the back of the braids and then pinning it in place. Repeat with the section of hair on the other side, crossing the twisted pieces over each other. If desired, pull apart slightly for a more romantic look.



6. Add hairspray and something floral to finish.


This look was created by master stylist Tai Do at Suki’s downtown location.