Sexy and sleek, this twisted updo pairs perfectly with a some drop earrings for a little sparkle.

1. Create a deep side part to prepare hair. Separate a small section of hair on the short side of the part, from your forehead to your ear.



2. Gather the rest of your hair and twist it tightly to the back of your head. 



3. When about half the length of your hair has been twisted, start to tuck the remaining hair underneath the tunnel created by the twist, leaving about 4 inches of untwisted. Curl the remaining few inches of hair and pin to secure. 



4. Return to the section of hair that was separated near your ear and loosely finger curl it. Wrap it around the back of your head, pinning a section of it under the middle of the twist. Lift the lower strand, pulling it upward and pin in place, letting the curl fall naturally. 



5. Finish with hairspray and a large flower.



This look was created by master stylist Tai Do at Suki’s downtown location.